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I have to say I have never really understood the modern incarnation of Valentine’s Day. As a child/youth at school I never understood it, and just tried best to ignore any cards that I was sent (and never sent any myself). I am therefore most fortunate that my wife holds the commercial creation with same disregard. Besides, given there is a gale blowing outside it is hardly the day for dining out – and usually it would be a rip-off now anyway. So, following Matt Yglesias’ advice (if not his practice) the money saved tonight can be made to go further on other occasions ūüôā

Well, that aside out of the way, my gaming this week was interrupted by all of us falling down with the cold mid-week. That said I did manage to get a reasonable amount done. I have also decided that Tuesdays nights are going to be my Tank-free night. This is something I was thinking about back in the autumn, and I am finally putting it into practice.

World of Tanks

I played considerably less tanks this week than I originally thought I would. Partly this is because I played nothing on Tuesday, but then on Wednesday I played no games at all. Despite this I managed to continue my progress on various tanks.

My crew on the ST-I is now just over 50% on the fourth crew skill. Just for fun that means it will take about 1.5 million xp until the fourth crew skill is maxed. On the T29 I have researched the mid-engine, which has improved the mobility a bit though I am looking forward to the top engine. I am about 13k away from eliting the Panther, and the Sherman Jumbo is elited. Also I have just about 20k to go to unlock the top gun on the Ferdinand, which will also be very welcome.

My crew on the KV-1 is now in the mid-40s on the second crew skill, which is enough to re-train and keep the first skill at 100%. However, I will put off doing so until I can actually purchase the IS-4. I will be taking advantage of the equipment discount this weekend to buy what I want for the IS-4. The discount is only 25%, but I would rather take it now than wait for a 50% that might not come. It will also mean that I just have the plain cost for the tank to gain.

Also this week I bought and equipped the Loyd Gun Carriage. So far only had a single game, but it was a lot of fun.

Looking forward to the week I am intending to acquire the Valentine on the offer. I will probably also get the Matilda Black Prince. It has the reputation of being a fairly underwhelming premium, but on the other hand I will be getting it at 75% discount. The next Tier VI I am going to work on is going to be the M4A3E8, the crew of which will eventually end up in the T20. The crew I have in the Sherman Jumbo I will keep there for the moment, with the aim of retraining it into a later tank in due course.

World of Warplanes

I have gotten though some games now on the Bristol 146, though I still have a way to research. I almost have finished upgrading the Skua as well – just one battle to finish researching the top bomb. In the coming week I hope to get a few games in to keep things ticking over.


Made the decision to return to Solitude and kick of the Re-Unification of Skyrim. Along the way I got my Enchanting up to 100. I now have to return to Whiterun where I have a set of Daedric Armour waiting for me to enchant. Also Whiterun is where most of my alchemy ingredients are stashed. I think it is time to burn through a lot of them to boost my alchemy score as much as possible.

I never swift-travel in Skyrim, so it takes me time to travel. While this no doubt slows down my progress it does have advantages. I ended up having two quite enjoyable fights with Ancient Dragons on my meanderings on Tuesday.


Now that my initial Mage Pack has all the main cards researched I am trying to do the same for the other packs I have so far unlocked. My next first option was the Warrior, and this turned into a long hard slog. After much tinkering I have a build that is not terrible, but just doesn’t feel very good either. I have, however managed to get out a few victories along the way to unlocking all those cards. I am now starting on the Hunter, and whilst my first game was a wipeout with me on the losing side, my second was a slaugher with the sides reversed.

I have the Cleric, Paladin, Shaman, and Warlock left to unlock.


This weekend the special offer is all about medium tanks. Lots of medium tanks. Tanks that swarm and multiply in a¬†frozen field …¬†hang on, got sidetracked by H G Wells there. Anyway, the point is that if you like the faster aspects of this game, this is the offer for you. All the tanks involved are Tier VI and VII tanks, and while I feel that some lower-tier tanks would fit in well with the theme of the offer I am not complaining (too much).

Without further ado onto the tanks involved Рthese tanks are all available at a 30% discount and will benefit from a 30% earnings bonus: M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman, M4A3E8 Sherman, T20, Cromwell, Comet, VK3001H, VK3001P, VK3001D, VK3601H, Panzer V Panther, VK3002D, T-34-85, KV-13, T-43, Type 58, and T-34-1. Yes, this is every regular Tier VI and VII medium in the game. In addition two premium tanks are available at a 50% discount Рthe Panzer IV Schmalturm and Panther-M10.

The one possible downside of the way this offer is constructed is that no French vehicles are available, given there are only three French medium tanks currently in game at Tiers III, IX, and X. Putting that aside I have personal experience of only three of these – the VK3001P, VK3601H, and VK3001H. Myself I very much like the¬†VK3001H which I think can be used quite aggressively, whereas the VK3001P is more of a pure sniper and the VK3601H is a¬†heavy-tank in disguise. As to commenting on the rest it is actually quite difficult. I see vastly more people playing Tier¬†VI heavies and tank destroyers than the¬†mediums, with the result that most mediums don’t stick in the head as much as other tanks I encounter more frequently. The Panther seems to be most effective as another sniper, while the Cromwell can be very effective played aggressively in the wolfpack manner. I have seen two or three Cromwells take apart an enemy team very effectively. Otherwise I must admit the others have especially distinguished themselves beyond certain stereotypes – so with the Americans they are adapted to hull-down tactics, for example. The same is true of the two premiums. Like I certainly would like to take advantage of this offer to acquire the Panther-M10 right now I cannot really justify it.

Moving onto the other aspects of the offer there is a discount on three and seven day premium account options for those wishing to see if premium is for them. The medal associated with this offer is Defender, and each one will mean fifteen thousand credits heading your way. Finally the first victory on each tank will give a triple experience bonus for the duration of the offer.

Overall this is a solidly themed offer, very concentrated with very little in the way of extras. B+.

The special offer this weekend is themed around tanks that never actually made it to the battlefield, both tanks that existed as prototypes and also tanks that were never more than blueprints. It is an offer without many trimmings, and I would expect some people to complain that the NA server is getting a better offer this weekend. Of course, over in the USA it is something of a holiday-weekend, which might have something to do with that ūüôā .

The tanks involved in this offer are split into two groups. Firstly we have a number of Tier VII tanks that are available for a 30% discount and which also have a 30% credit earnings bonus. They are the T-43, T-34-1, VK3002D, T20, Black Prince, and AMX M4 (1945). I have no experience in any of these tanks, but all have proved worthy foes on the field of battle. The Black Prince is probably the best armoured of them, and can prove troublesome to kill. The one least likely to be encountered seems to be the French AMX M4 (1945).

The second group are all Tier III, and have an 80% credit earnings bonus. They are the T-46, Panzer II Ausf. G, Panzer I Ausf. C, AMX 38, T82, and Medium Mark III. I have played a few games with all of these tanks apart from the Panzer IC. That tank has a well-deserved reputation for being a speed daemon. You can really tear around the map – of course it is also easily possible to find yourself isolated and destroyed. The T82 is in the running to be the most powerful tank on Tier when using its howitzer. The Panzer IIG I hated. The AMX38 may be the most durable tank at Tier, but its slowness may frustrate some players. The T-46 can make a decent claim to be the best all-round tank at tier. The Medium Mk III is a large and tempting target, and success requires one to reduce your exposure. Making use of hull-down tactics and cover can massively increase lifespan, in which case the damage dealing potential of this tank starts to be realised.

The medal involved in this week’s over is Patrol Medal, and each one will net you a 25,000 credit reward. Finally there is a double crew experience bonus on all matches. It seems there have been a lot of crew experience bonuses in specials recently – not that I am complaining! I do wonder, however, if the guys running the EU server have realised this is a good think to enter into an offer to give more experienced players grinding long crew skills something to be happy about, as discounts and earnings bonuses are sometimes less relevant to that portion of the game population.

That speculation aside I think this is a reasonably good offer. It is not spectacular, but it has items for newer players, older players, and covers a range of nations and vehicle types. Its main weakness is no extra element (garage slots, barracks enlargements, camo, inscriptions, emblems, equipment, consumables, and so on). Overall B-.

This weekend’s special offer on the EU server is based all around Tier VII medium tanks. In what I find (and I presume the team behind the offer) to be quite beautiful symmetry there are seven regular Tier VII medium tanks in the game at the moment, and these are the focus of the offer. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The seven tanks at the centre of this offer at the T20, KV-13, T-43, Comet, Panzer V¬†Panther, VK3002DB, and T-34-1. These tanks are available for a 50% discount, and will also have 50% earnings bonus for the offer. In addition the premium Panther-M10 is also available at a 30% discount. I do not think I will be able to take advantage yet of any of this – if this offer occurred in a month’s time it may have been a different story but right now I am just too far away from researching any of these tanks. Nevertheless it is certainly an excellent time to pick them up.

The medal involved in this offer is the Confederate medal, which one earns for damaging at least six enemy tanks which are then subsequently destroyed by other team-members. Each medal earned will mean a ten thousand credit bonus. This does feel a very appropriate medal for a medium tank offer – the tanks that support the heavies which then provide the killing punch (or something like that).

Also in this offer garage slots are at a 50% discount – so definitely time to expand one’s garage! Also on a 50% discount are all consumables, so time to stock up on those repair kits and fire extinguishers! I will probably stock up a few of these myself.

Finally the first victory each day of each vehicle will grant x5 experience bonus for the duration of the offer Рdefinitely going to try to take advantage of this one several tanks!

Overall this is a very solid offer tightly organised around a clear theme – B+.


The next World of Tanks special offer on the EU server – running from Saturday morning until Wednesday morning – is called Counter-Attack. It is based around a collection of tanks that are meant to be good at counter-attacks. I think it is a fairly weak theme to an offer given that very many tanks are very effective in a counter-attacking role, but the offer itself is I think fairly strong in terms of its contents.

First up, and gloriously slow, there is triple crew experience for the duration of the offer. Bonus crew experience is rapidly becoming one of my favourite aspects of any special offer – especially now my Marder II crew is onto its third skill.

Secondly there are four regular tanks on a 50% discount: the M7 (an American Tier V medium tank), the T-34 (the Soviet Tier V medium tank warhorse), the ELC AMX (a light French Tier V), and the Panzer III/IV (a German Tier V medium). There are also two premium tanks on a 50% discount Рthe T-25 (German Tier V medium) and the Matilda Lend-Lease (Soviet Tier V medium).

I can certainly recommend the Panzer III/IV as a most excellent tank and a lot of fun to play. I will be acquiring the T-34¬†on the back of this offer since it¬†is on my “list” as it were.¬†I know nothing¬†of the M7¬†and the ELC¬†AMX.¬†I do own both the T-25 and the Matilda LL, though¬†I haven’t played very many matches¬†on either¬†of them.¬†However I have enjoyed them, and it is important to consider the possibility that with the introduction of the British tanks the three British Lend-Lease tanks to the Soviet union may be withdrawn.

The final aspect of this special offer is a 50% bonus to credit earnings with the T20 (American Tier VII medium), the T-43 (Soviet Tier VII medium), the AMX 13 75 (French Tier VII light), and the¬†VK 3002 DB (German Tier VII medium). None of this affects me for the simple¬†I reason I don’t own any of the above tanks.

On the whole though I think this is a great offer with a good range of offers and bonuses.

This coming weekend’s special offer is loosely based around the idea of tanks who can come to your aid in a nick of time. Of course, in reality all tanks can do that given the right situation, so this is something of a false them. Nevertheless, it provides a way of holding the offer together, which runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there is a 50% discount on four tanks, the SU-152, the Jagdpanther, the T20, and the AMX 13 75. These are all Tier VII tanks, with one from each of the four nations currently in game. The SU-152 and Jagdpanther are Soviet and German Tank Destroyers, the T20 is an American Medium tank, and the AMX 13 75 is a French light tank. I might be wrong but I think this is the first time all options of a discount on sale price have been Tier VII tanks. Given I am nowhere near researching any of these I will be unable to take advantage, but nevertheless this should tempt quite a few players.

There is then a more general offer of 50% discount on buying extra garage slots, so they cost 150 gold instead of the regular 300. Although I personally think garage slots are great, I think I am adequately covered for my current needs and future aspirations in the medium-term.

We then a 70% credit earning bonus on a large number of tanks. Four are Tier VI SPGs – the German GW Panther, the French Lorraine155 50, the Soviet SU-14, and the American M12. Also included in this bundle are two Tier VII tanks – the American Heavy T29 and the Russian Medium KV-13. Again, since I do not own any of these tanks none of this impacts me directly.

Looking through the offer what strikes me most about it is there is squarely concentrated on Tiers VI and VII, with nothing for players are lower tiers (other than the garage discount). It definitely seems therefore that it is aimed towards players who have gotten more battles under their belts than the wider World of Tanks playerbase. This still makes it a very solid offer, but perhaps getting more of a B grade than an A grade.