Star Trek Online

As if my time wasn’t pressured enough, a week or so before Melian was born I downloaded Star Trek Online, and have very occasionally being playing it since. The idea was to subscribe for a month, and then basically proceed mostly free to play. Melian’s arrival and general forgetfulness has meant the subscription has continued for an extra month, but otherwise the plan stays the same.

The reason I downloaded STO was an impression I had from reading about it since its release: that its episodic content might fit well with having short periods of time free. My brother, who also plays, has pretty much confirmed this.

My initial impressions of the game are overall pretty positive. I do have a gripe with the interface and controls, and will have to spend some more time setting the keybindings to something that works better. However, the episodes are so far working for me, especially the exploration tours. These are nice, easy, bite-sized segments of sci-fi fun.

I should say I am hardly the world’s biggest Trek fan. I’ve never really “bought into” the Star Trek universe, and basically I just find it completely inconsistent, even silly at times. That doesn’t stop me enjoying it, though usually only in small portions.

I will say though that I am a great fan of the Duty Officer system. Ways of continuing engaging the game, which only require minimal time commitments are, I think, a win-win for everyone – primarily because they keep players engaged in a game even when their time remains low. This makes it more likely they will play again more in a game if/when their time allowance recovers.

I made myself a Science Officer character, and have now advanced to Level 12, making me a Lieutenant-Commander (in my head, I always pronounce that leftennant commander – we Brits do things are own way 🙂 ).

I doubt I will be playing STO all that much, but it is nice to have another space-themed option. EVE Online, SWTOR, and STO all seem to offer rather different gameplay – so almost regardless of what my mood is I now have a sci-fi game to suit. I suppose if I can be bothered to get Masters of Orion II working I will even have the strategy angle covered :).

PS – Apologies for the post title, I could not resist.