So, one thing I have done in the last few weeks is I have finally succumbed to Minecraft. As if I had any spare time. I can’t say exactly why I ended up purchasing the game, other than I had some money on the allowance I give myself for entertainment related activities, and the price seemed a little cheaper than it had been in the past (perhaps due to currency fluctuations). I launched the game, and died pretty much straight away 🙂

After doing some very, very cursory reading I started a new game, and so far on this game I have not died. I have survived several nights, I have a rudimentary base (really just a simple, one-storey stone building), and have done some basic crafting. I have also done some quite enthusiastic mining. To begin with I just delved in a downward, more or less in a sort of spiral fashion. I rather got excited at my first discovery of coal, and the iron. At length I managed to get right to that impassable layer at the bottom, and in my mine I have now started some galleries, and have found redstone and a very little gold. So far no diamonds, emeralds, or other goodies, though I imagine they will come in time.

I think I am going to stop mining for a while though to concentrate on some above-ground work. The area I am spawned in looks to be where three biomes meet. One of these is obviously desert, the other looks like a swamp/marsh thing, and the other is hills – the spawn itself being in the latter. I have purposefully avoided so far looking up too much information on the biomes, wanting to try and explore. This it not to say that I have not looked certain stuff up, but my searches are tending to my directed to immediate practical problems. Anyway, there are a lot of trees around my initial base, which frankly are in the way. I have some vague idea of building a very tall tower – really just because. For that though I need room. I also want to try doing some farming, both crop and livestock. I have tried doing a basic wheat field, but so far not much success. Perhaps – probably even – I am doing it wrong.

Still, with only a relatively short time playing the game I can very much see the attraction. Microsoft – don’t much it up!