Fallen Earth

Well, this is really a post about my gaming for the last fortnight. Or rather interrupted gaming. As referred to in my January post a sequence of illnesses afflicting myself and the rest of my family, plus expending most of my energy at work, has impacted both gaming and blogging. We are all starting to look and sound healthier now, so hopefully both will start to increase now.

World of Tanks

The chief achievements in the last two weeks have been to complete the IS-6 combat missions for the USSR, Germany, and the USA, meaning nine days’ worth of premium. I gave up trying to go for the French mission – I started to really struggle with the ARL V39. My limited gaming also preventing me taking full advantage of the 50% discount on equipment and camouflage. I did what I could, and got equipment for a number of tanks, but there are still several more I need to work up the credits for.

Along with a run of defeats with the ARL I also had a set of defeats with the A-43 – though I did not find them anywhere near so frustrating. While that tank is very difficult to play in a Tier VIII match-up it is not without possibilities even there, and I have had some really fun games. Most of my tanks played have been Tier VI tanks, along with the KV-5 in a credit earning attempt, and continuing to grind the ST-I.

I am, on the whole, very glad I have now done all the Tier VI work I needed for the missions, as it was definitely becoming a drag. For the next week I have three main aims. Firstly is to earn credits. I would very much like to acquire the Tiger II at the discount before the end of the specials, and finish transferring crews around as necessary. I also want to take advantage of the crew experience bonuses to work on some tank crews. Finally I want to get back to my regular rotation of tanks. As part of this final desire I will be working to complete the various Tier VI grinds that I started as part of the special offer.

World of Warplanes

Managed to get some games in, at last, and I have purchased my third Tier II in the German Messerschmitt line. My intention is to acquire the Tier III Skua, before then getting my first Tier IV.

Despite my inexperience I do find I am quite regularly capable of success in Warplanes. I think that might be the experience of tanks in ways that apply cross-game (battle awareness and the like). It nevertheless remains a secondary game.

Kerbal Space Program

I spent an enjoyable evening mucking around with various rocket designs. All turned out to be unsuccessful – but one of the great things about Kerbal is that even un-successful designs can be a lot of fun.

Fallen Earth

When I was feeling miserable, grotty, and far too poorly to play anything “seriously”, which pretty meant everything I ordinarily play at the moment. So I decided to do something entirely different in the hope that it would divert me. I have been aware of Fallen Earth since before launch, and vaguely interested. The idea of a post-apocalyptic setting does intrigue, as does everything I have ever read about the crafting and levelling systems.

I will write up my thoughts more fully in a different post, but I decided I would do all three starter areas rather than just one and move on. I started in Midway and then moved onto Boneclaw. I am now in Clinton FARM. The game so far is enjoyable and fun. While it does not have quite the polish of bigger budget MMOs, the stories are well-crafted. What I have seen so far of crafting reminds me a lot of EVE.

All in all, a very good distraction from my ailments.