WoT: Slump

There is no way to avoid it – I am in a slump. It started just before the Togtober mission started, but it has become really noticeable as I have tried to grind out those five qualifying wins a day. Often it is taking me 15-20 games, including one spell when I went something like 0-13 across two days. Not only have I been losing, but all too often I have been crashing out of games having barely contributed, doing pitiful amounts of damage or spotting.

It is one thing to lose when one is playing well, for no matter how irritating it is to see a really good performance not get that 50% boost to wins and experience that winning brings, nevertheless one does have the inner satisfaction of knowing one has made a decent fist of things – that even if there might have been decisions that could have done better, things still went pretty well. One sometimes also will get courageous resistance, which can lessen the sting even further, and if one is playing well then Battle Honours are more likely.

However, when one is generally playing poorly there is no such consolation. You stare the defeat screen in the face full in the knowledge that you were a deadweight to your team. Rather than getting irritated, even aggravated, by losing despite playing well, losing when playing poorly will just sap the energy. It becomes like a gaming equivalent of writers’ block. Generally, the entire experience one wishes to avoid if at all possible.

The most obvious way my slump has manifested for me is that my winrate has dropped by over 0.15% over the course of the last week. This may sound tiny, but since I am approaching 10k games it starts to become a more significant number. However, when I realised the above it did spark a couple of thoughts for me, that I have actually found quite encouraging.

Firstly, the way I am currently playing is probably still above average, compared to the World of Tanks general playerbase. I am still getting kills, still getting Fire for Effect awards, and various other things, so I am still doing things well. Also, I am not content. The mass of World of Tanks players whose win-rate hovers around 50% would probably get a little annoyed that I am obsessing over a small slump, which in all likelihood will reverse itself. For me a bad patch, though still with some good games, is probably akin to their normal experience. Essentially feeling sorry for myself is an indulgence.

Secondly, it is not all doom and gloom. Most nights I have had some great games along with all the rest, and all but one night I have played I have reached the necessary total. This means I basically should try to stop stressing about it and just get on and play and have fun. I have managed to get a Mark of Excellence in the VK3601H, and I have had some great games in the Centurion I (my grind to the Centurion 7/1 is about 25% done).

Time to launch the game and enjoy myself.

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  1. Martin Orphanides said:

    I totally know how you feel. We’ve all been there I think. Once in a while I think everyone gets a string of games where we do things we know are stupid and we get punished and we just generally play poorly. Just hang in there and things will turn around. Plus platooning helps I think. I’ve been carried so many times in games when I’ve played poorly (and the opposite is also true).

    As far as I remember, things went well yesterday, right? So maybe things are turning around.

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