WoT: Togtober

The EU World of Tanks portal has today confirmed a set of missions for the rest of the month (starting tomorrow) which allow one the chance of getting a free TOG II*. For those who read For the Record, the possibility of this mission was leaked several weeks ago. However, while FTR leaks are generally good information, plans can change so I was cautious about getting too excited. However, now the word is official, and there is a free TOG in the offing.

I actually already own a TOG – I bought it on special offer not all that long ago. I haven’t had a chance to take it out yet, as I have been concentrating on my British medium grind. In particular I haven’t had the spare credits to kit it out with proper equipment (probably going to go for Vents, Rammer, and possibly an EGLD or Binocs), and I don’t want to take it out without the equipment. However, this mission still is of interest to me since if I manage to successfully complete it I will be credited with the TOG’s gold price, a very tidy 3500 gold.

The setup is quite simple – a daily mission which has to be completed fifteen times from 0710 tomorrow and 0700 on 1st November. This means there are twenty-four possible days to complete, which means one can “miss” nine days and still be in with a chance. The mission itself is to win five Tier V+ matches, being in the top 10 in base experience. That should be quite achievable. Each successfully completed daily also earns a Large Repair Kit and Automatic Fire Extinguisher (apparently Large First Aid Kits are not in as much demand or something), which will be nice enough, though I so far only equip those on my lone Tier X.

All in all I think we will be seeing quite a lot of TOGs when this is all over, since the requirements do appear to be rather easy (somewhat easier than the two sets of missions about to come to a close).

It also makes me wonder if they are going to do something like the IS-6 series of missions that happened last Christmas. I would be very much interested were that to be the case, and am busily working towards getting at least one Tier VI tank in each nation just in case. Just in case. It never hurts to be prepared.

  1. Martin Orphanides said:

    I will go for this one, not so much because I want a TOG, but simply because I will be playing. So I will get it by shear virtue of playing. They are practically giving it away. The T-62 grind was a grind, because even if you played the requisite number of days the requirements still meant that you had to play at least 2-3 hours a day. And that is if you were good. If you were bad to average it would probably take you longer.

    Anyways, I take it this means we’ll be online more at similar times. Platoons ahoy!!! 🙂

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