WoT: “Fun” modes

So the latest of the “fun” modes has started in World of Tanks. To the best of my memory the Chaffee race is the third fun mode in the game, following the success of KARL and the Football mode. Just like the previous two I am unlikely in the extreme ever to play the Chaffee race, for what may be the simplest of reasons: I just don’t get it.

Really. I scratch my head and cannot work out why people want to play them. Well that is not entirely true, I can appreciate on a very intellectual level that other people do indeed find these game modes diverting, a bit of a laugh, and generally a nice break from the usual grind. However, whenever I try to advance from that intellectual supposition to something approaching actual understanding my brain doesn’t make the leap.

One clear reason for my lack of comprehension is that if I want to do something a bit different than the daily tank grind I will … go and do something different. My Steam and GoG.com libraries are hardly as extensive as many, but there are a sufficiently wide range of diverting games to cover most of my modes, and if I don’t want to game I have plenty of other avenues of entertainment as well.

Ultimately I think this is a minor example of a challenge I do face, in life in general, and not just in gaming. It is a feature of my Asperger’s that makes it very difficult at times to understand other people except at a very superficial intellectual level, which really is no understanding at all. The thing is – that’s ok. I don’t have to understand the motivations of other people for something like this. It is there, and I am sure lots of people will enjoy the experience, and I am happy that they will. In return however I do want people to understand that these things hold no interest – but sometimes people don’t. They seem surprised, and it is not always easy to explain to people for whom English is not their first language the reason why.

That said I have not yet encountered any actual insults as a consequence of this, not even stretching the meaning of the term. The QSF community is generally pretty chilled. The world turns, but it turns slowly, but it does turn.

  1. Martin Orphanides said:

    Shall I be the first one to insult you over this? 🙂 Nah, I haven’t tried it myself either. Not because I don’t want to at all, but because I am busy with the daily grind. I will probably try a game or two. But I don’t get the missions though: I think it’s like 50 games or so to get the 50K XP, but it isn’t free XP; rather, it will be put into your T1. Great, so then I’d have to spend 2K gold to change it to free XP. Yeah, no thanks, or should I say, no tanks. (just shoot me now over that terrible pun, but wasn’t it phun? Oh God…..)

    • stnylan said:

      A true Richard Whiteley pun my friend!

  2. Sloanarc said:

    Don’t forget the rest of the mission rewards…..
    – You will get a free garage slot
    – You will get to keep the crew, retrained for the regular Chaffee. After 21 wins with no accelerated crew training on(forgot about it) the first skill is already at 63%. With one race about taking 5min…I d
    believe that’s fast. There are enough players that after the 50 win, are at 50% on the second skill. If you want to go up the american Light line, you might want to reconsider…..especially since winning a race isn’t really hard.

    • stnylan said:

      All that may be true, but I still don’t get it 🙂 . This is kind of what I mean, it does not matter the intellectual arguments, which I know, it is just that on a gut level I do not understand the appeal. I would rather train a crew fighting actual battles etc.

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