WoT: First impressions of the Jagdtiger 8.8cm

As a somewhat delayed birthday present to myself last month I got the Jagdtiger 8.8cm, the Tier VIII premium German tank destroyer, whilst it was on special offer. Whilst I already have a Tier VIII premium – the KV-5 – I have been finding it a little less enjoyable to play. I think probably because it was my only Tier VIII premium meant I have ended up getting a bit of burn-out with it, which is a shame since I have had some great games in that tank. Anyways, the JT88 has always been on my list of premiums to acquire, so I was very much excited to get it.

So far I have played just over 50 games in it, desperately earning credits, and my win rate is pretty much in live with my overall win rate. Mostly I have been enjoying myself. I have always heard that this was a very good credit earner – even for a Tier VIII premium – and my limited experience very much backs that up.

The thing I like least about the tank is simply its general mobility. This is no real surprise, it is a rather large and unwieldy beast. I am very much going to have to get better at ensuring I don’t get caught out with some annoying scout behind me. It has also lead to a few fast paced games when I have rather been left behind by the action, and the slow speed also makes it hard to fully impact a battlefield in some matches. That, of course, is just the nature of the beast, and probably good practice for when I eventually get into such speedy behemoths as the T95 (probably not until 2016!).

Otherwise I really find little else to dislike. The front is reasonably bouncy, and whilst the sides and rear are generally quite weak there are not impossibly so. The gun does have low pen, but its rate of fire is insane and very much allows one just to pepper a target to death. It does mean I am going to have to really learn when I need to use premium ammo, something I am working on – and also when premium ammo will not be all that useful and so to concentrate on tracking and the like. The alpha isn’t brilliant, but is adequate when compared to the rate of fire. It does mean exposure, but if positioned right this does have the frontal armour to risk that exposure. If positioned right. Another thing to work on, since my positioning on certain maps is, shall we say, less than intelligent.

The crew I am currently using on the JT88 is a mixed one. Half of it is my old Marder II crew, steadily working on their 4th crew skill. The remaining three crew members I have taken from my Ferdinand, which are now on their second crew skill.

However, I bought the tank mostly for its earning potential, and there I am very happy. Even on my poorest games I am managing to get 20k profit, average earning is between 35k and 70k, depending on a victory or loss. I have had some killer games though, making a profit of over 90k on a loss and 120k on a win. Hopefully I will get more of those as things go.

  1. Gank said:

    I have yet to make peace with this tank. I’ve had it for over a year and only have around 120 battles in it. I do like the roc which allows you to track-shoot-track opponents to death! That’s always good fun. It does earn a ton of credits I have to agree. I’m not great with German TDs though, except for the mighty Hetzer so that may play into it. I also dislike the T29 US heavy so maybe I just suck at hull down 🙂

  2. Sloanarc said:

    I love this “little beast”. As said, be careful with your positioning. There are some maps where the it’s all to easy to get in to a good position(ex: Himmelfdorf tank alley) but there are others where it just isn’t a comfortable tank to be in.

    But still I managed to ace tanker my JTiger 8.8 and i’am almost at my first mark of excellence. (6 or 7% to go).

    • stnylan said:

      Yes, I have managed the Ace Tanker as well, nicely done on working towards the MoE though – I always forget to keep track of that.

      • Sloanarc said:

        What i enjoy the most is that it would be my first MoE ever 🙂
        BTW, on what server are you? I’m on EU.

      • stnylan said:

        I’m on EU too, under the name stnylan
        I am very bad at keeping track of Marks of Excellence since they were introduced, partly because I had a bit of drop of activity (summer you know, spending time outside, going on holiday, etc.). I recently got my first one on the Comet when I was grinding for it. I might try and get the Mark on a few other tanks, but time will tell.

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