WoT: Charging to the FV4202

Well, it has proven to be very difficult to get back into blogging following the holiday. To be fair, it has also proven to difficult to get back to a few other activities as well. The return to work was swiftly following by some bugs (probably caught on the flight) and then quite a few family engagements and stuff, meaning I have kept shoving to one side getting back to both blogging and AAR writing. I have decided to return to blogging first as it is somewhat quicker and easier to do.

When I was on holiday I spent some time trying to work out what my short and medium term goals were going to be in the remainder of the year. I had just about settled on what they should be on my mind, when I started to read about the possibility that those who owned the current Tier X British medium, the FV4202, would get to keep it in its Tier VIII premium incarnation when it was swapped out in its Tier X role with another tank. There is precedent for this, because Wargaming did something similar shortly after I started playing with the T34. On the other, it could all just be false information. So I thought it about for a few more days, and came up with the following three scenarios.

  1. The free switch takes place, and I have managed to get the FV4202. I end up with a new Tier VIII premium, and my second Tier X tank.
  2. The free switch does not take place, but I have managed to get the FV4202. I end with my second Tier X tank.
  3. I do not manage to unlock and acquire the FV4202 before the switch, so regardless of whether the Tier VIII is free, I do not get it. Realistically I have probably unlocked another Tier VIII tank, and possibly a Tier IX tank.

So I looked at those scenarios, and I asked myself a question – do I lose out in any of those three situations? Obviously in the first scenario the answer is no – I clearly end up ahead. Turning to the second scenario – I have been speaking of wishing to unlock a second Tier X for quite a few months now, and in this scenario I would have had the impetus to do so, and it would be a Tier X rather different from my current IS-4. Once again, I think I can count that scenario as an ultimate win.

Now what about the third scenario – and this was a very likely scenario. Two things could cause me not to get be in a position to get the FV4202. The first was lack of time. At that moment in time I was still on a partially researched Cromwell. I worked out I had something in excess of 850k experience to go, unlocking the line and various modules. I would also need to amass something like 12-13 million credits. Given it was pure supposition when this change was meant to take place – I was betting early-mid December (before Christmas) I thought the timing was going to be tight, but possible, if I devoted most of my gaming time to this.

Which leads me to the second reason – I know myself well enough to know I could get very bored of just concentrating on the same tank again and again. I made it plain to myself that if I felt I was suffering too much from the grind, I would stop. With that self-made promise, I decided I had nothing to lose. With a healthy sense of scepticism, of course, since I could very well be heading to scenario 2.

That was about a month or so ago – so things have moved on a little. Firstly I have managed to finish the Cromwell, and the Comet, and am now on the Centurion. I free xp’d the gun and tracks on the Centurion following reading about, and have now also unlocked the turret. I still have the gun (which I will hopefully manage tonight) and the top engine and radio before I begin the long grind to Tier IX. Overall I have had quite a bit of fun so far with the grind, so there is another “win” so far, since fun is, after all, the ultimate point of playing.

As for the likelihood of actually getting a “free” FV4202, we don’t actually know a great deal more than we did before either. About the only thing that is becoming plain is that the switch date is increasingly looking likely to be pushed back into 2015. I am still feeling fairly relaxed about whether or not I actually do end up with a Tier VIII premium at the end of all this – the wonderful result of realistic expectations. I am starting to think though that I am going to stretch for the FV4202 regardless however, if only just to get that second Tier X tank. However, given the pressure of the timing appears to be slacking off somewhat, I have going to allow myself time to frolic around in some other tanks.

In particular I would like to advance the Japanese and Chinese tank lines a little bit, so I can unlock the Chi-To and IS-2 respectively, but these are ultimately still secondary goals. I also wish to keep plugging away at the Panther II, IS-3, and other Tier VIII lines. Realistically though I am unlikely to be purchasing many other tanks other than what is absolutely necessary, as those credits still have to come from somewhere!


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