Gaming: Weekly Roundup 01/05/2014

Having concentrated on completing the requirements for the T2 LT on Sunday I had three mostly non-gaming days for one reason or another on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This did rather impact what I have done obviously, meaning this entire post is going to be rather light – as the blog has been. Only played two games – my offline gaming night being taken up with having a friend over to watch Downfall.

World of Tanks

On Saturday I completed the light tank requirements of the mission, and on Sunday I knocked off the remaining requirements. All in all it was a bit of a grind – or perhaps more accurately the entire process was a bit of a grind. Whilst I know that a Tier VIII is probably going to be available via missions soon-ish, I must admit I am likely not to chase it down this time. It feels like it will be simply more work than I wish to indulge in.

Now that the T2 LT missions are complete though I need to decide to re-focus my WoT activity. Part of this is plain – continue to play at Tier X to improve myself there, and to continue my grinds up the E-50M, T110E5, IS-7, and Conqueror Gun Carriage lines. Also I wish to move up the Japanese low-tiers, and start working my way through the Tier Vs. The priority at the end is going to be unlocking the Cromwell (almost done) and Hellcat (well under way). Finally I have some crew-training projects, and also some partially-played Tier VIs that I wish to work through as well. Which order I am going to do all this in remains undecided however.

EVE Online

Very little in total. I am trying to assimilate the mass of devblogs now posted on the industry changes. Everything is changing, which convinces me not to restart my activities now. I will do so after the expansion. Right now it is Fanfest so a fair bit of stuff is getting announced.

I am intending to concentrate on other isk-making activities for the time being. One area of industry not currently changing, apparently is PI, so I may investigate restarting some small activities there. However I am not sure what will be viable now with player POCOs in hi-sec.



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