Monthly Archives: May 2014

I have decided to take something of a hiatus from World of Tanks.

This is primarily because at the moment I am just too tired. My daughter is going through a phase of rather disrupted sleep, and for various reasons I pull the night-time duty. Naturally my daughter is now also waking up relatively early (though generally very happily). Given I sometimes have difficulty getting to sleep at the best of times, this has now meant a relatively sleep deprived couple of weeks, and it is definitely showing when I try to play the game. My ability to notice what is going on in the match, and my ability to make good decisions, are both compromised, which altogether means I am just not having as much fun as I usually would.

So, a break for a couple of weeks to try to refresh and then reset. I won’t say I won’t log in at all, just giving myself an extended freedom not to even if I am feeling “okay”.

This naturally means I will likely playing rather more EVE. What I am doing in EVE generally doesn’t require fast reflexes or quick decision-making. Might also explore some other games as well.


This last week I have had a few days holiday, which combined with the bank holiday meant some really good time with the family. I just want to say that if anyone is based in the general area, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is a truly excellent place to visit. It is especially good with children of all ages, as they have masses of things to do and areas to play, in addition to looking at various animals from the commonplace to the exotic. We discovered the place last year, and this year we have season tickets.

In gaming terms I decided to take a break from World of Tanks this last week. I returned to the game yesterday, and had a fairly horrible performance. I am hoping better for tonight. I also indulged myself a little with a blast from the past – the not too distant past in this case, namely Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. A wonderfully casual game, probably my favourite of that entire series. I think the conceit of breaking the game up into a series of missions makes it particularly easy to just play for a set amount of time. Not the most complex game, or the most challenging, but diverting.

My other main game of the last week was EVE Online. Given we had some extended time together without our various works getting in the way both my wife and I managed to get some playtime in together. With Fanfest and its various announcements out of the way, not to mention the hopeful date for the Kronos update, I am very much in holding mode. Mostly this means running missions, partly for isk, partly for standings, and just reconnecting to friends. Also lots of thinking.

Alas, holiday time is over, which means back in the saddle for all sorts of things. I suspect more gaming ahead!

Having concentrated on completing the requirements for the T2 LT on Sunday I had three mostly non-gaming days for one reason or another on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This did rather impact what I have done obviously, meaning this entire post is going to be rather light – as the blog has been. Only played two games – my offline gaming night being taken up with having a friend over to watch Downfall.

World of Tanks

On Saturday I completed the light tank requirements of the mission, and on Sunday I knocked off the remaining requirements. All in all it was a bit of a grind – or perhaps more accurately the entire process was a bit of a grind. Whilst I know that a Tier VIII is probably going to be available via missions soon-ish, I must admit I am likely not to chase it down this time. It feels like it will be simply more work than I wish to indulge in.

Now that the T2 LT missions are complete though I need to decide to re-focus my WoT activity. Part of this is plain – continue to play at Tier X to improve myself there, and to continue my grinds up the E-50M, T110E5, IS-7, and Conqueror Gun Carriage lines. Also I wish to move up the Japanese low-tiers, and start working my way through the Tier Vs. The priority at the end is going to be unlocking the Cromwell (almost done) and Hellcat (well under way). Finally I have some crew-training projects, and also some partially-played Tier VIs that I wish to work through as well. Which order I am going to do all this in remains undecided however.

EVE Online

Very little in total. I am trying to assimilate the mass of devblogs now posted on the industry changes. Everything is changing, which convinces me not to restart my activities now. I will do so after the expansion. Right now it is Fanfest so a fair bit of stuff is getting announced.

I am intending to concentrate on other isk-making activities for the time being. One area of industry not currently changing, apparently is PI, so I may investigate restarting some small activities there. However I am not sure what will be viable now with player POCOs in hi-sec.