WoT: New tank!

Did it.

The T2 LT is sitting in my garage, very prettily if I say so myself now I have spruced her up with a bit of permanent camo. I haven’t yet taken her out for a spin however, as I needed to be getting on.

One the whole I am very happy to have managed to see how the missions. I thought it would be possible, and indeed it was – but if the requirements had been much stiffer then the chances of me getting the tank would have reduced fairly rapidly. I am also very glad I decided, right at the start, to try and get a certain number of wins in both categories. While they got a little out of whack, this slow plugging away did mean that at the end I wasn’t faced by a mountain of light/spg games to play. For that I am very thankful, as I do not excel at either.

I will try to keep playing some lights and arties however. In particular I am very intrigued by the ELC AMX, and I have just had my first great game in it. I cannot wait to get the top gun. Also I have had unexpected fun on the Bishop. I doubt I will be able to play these tanks every session, but perhaps 3 times a week will be possible.

Mostly though I am glad to out from under the Tier IV restriction. I want to push a bit through the remaining low-tier Japanese tanks, but I haven’t wanted to waste precious battle time on battles that would never count towards the mission.

Still, a good end-result for the weekend.

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  1. Lews_1_Therin said:

    Happy to join you in ELC AMX games. It is a fun little tank to play. Congrats on the mission! Haven’t completed it yet myself as I didn’t play this weekend, but I still have a few days left. 🙂

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