EVE: The more things change…

The latest EVE Devblog, Building Better Worlds, continues to reverberate. There is no doubt great changes are coming to EVE, and I am not sure it even possible to overstate how game-shaking these changes have the potential to be (depending on lot on the specifics, which CCP has so far failed to provide). Another announcement this week shows the second side of EVE Online, with the dates for the third iteration of Burn Jita. To which I must rather admit to shrugging my shoulders. Goons (et al) are off to do it again.

I should explain this. When I first subbed in EVE there was a thing going on called Jihadswarm. It was a Goon-organised suicide ganking campaign against Hulks. Indeed it was the forerunner of what later became Hulkageddon, and it was itself preceded by other hi-sec gank campaigns from groups like MoO back in the early days of EVE. Of course, it was a much smaller operation back then – the game was smaller for one thing, and so were the Goons.

We are now six years later – and Goons are still organising suicide ganking campaigns in hi-sec. Some things never change.

Another of the things that never change is also the way so many players do not pay attention to what is going on in the game. Lots of folk will get caught out, and lose their ships, cargoes, pods, and iskies in Burn Jita. It happened in Jihadswarm, it happened in all the Hulkageddons, and it will happen now once again in Burn Jita 3.


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