Personal: Abandon all good health, ye who enter here…

Once again, sickness has struck the household. It seems right now whenever things start to settle down we get another visited by another malady. Infectious and effective, it certainly put all our plans for the week on hold.

Whilst I would rather we both not be sick, at least this has allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. I really like being around when she is poorly, because it means I feel I get greater opportunity to help comfort her when she needs it. Something I cannot do, obviously, when at work. Also, Melian is now aware when her parents are poorly, and so she also sometimes tries to comfort me.

Fatherhood sometimes has rewards that are truly sublime.


  1. Lews_1_Therin said:

    At least it means you can platoon more with me!

    …but seriously, get well soon…all of you!

  2. Bernard said:

    welcome to the club. The whole family has been struck down again over here. For me personally this means I’ve only been in decent health for about 5 weeks this year so far. Sigh. at least the wife and kid recovered swiftly.

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