WoT: First Tier X Acquisition

The IS-4 is mine. Mine I say. All mine! Mwahahahahaha … oops, Waffenträger E-100 – ouch.

Actually, the above hasn’t quite happened yet. I have now purchased the IS-4, but have not actually taken out into battle as yet. Last night I thought I had about 400k credits to go, but in reality I had about 660k credits to go. Fallible memory and all that. So I went at it – and generally had a very good evening with some nicely profitable games (if a couple of a donkey-games as well). I earned easily enough to acquire the tank itself, but was a little short to get the upgraded gun and do the necessary crew transfer and skill reset, not to mention the initial ammo costs. All told I reckon I probably need about another 400k or so before I can take the tank out.

Which is tonight’s aim.


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