KSP: On the top of Minmus


Last night in Kerbal Space Program I intended to do another return trip to Minmus. I got distracted.

The trip out was easy enough, but as I arrived at Minmus I realised I had a nearly perfect polar orbit. When I landed things were even better – I was less than 3 degrees away from the pole. So, after taking samples and planting my flag, I took brave Keldos Kerman, and went to find the pole.

The screenshot above shows me at longitude 90 degrees. Success! Actually it was rather tricky at the end – there were various weird camera angle effects at play and the actual spot was very tiny. I probably spent the better part of an hour getting there, and I so chuffed I did. Sometimes computer games give very … ah … “individual” thrills. 😀

As it happened my original landing was only about 2.4km away from the pole. Pretty good for a totally manual landing.

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