WoT: Two years

Arrived so fast I almost missed it.

Today is my two-year anniversary in World of Tanks – and what a journey it has been. I have over 8000 battles now under my belt, within a few hundred thousand of getting my first Tier X, and am playing this game as good as I have ever done. I have also joined a Clan and started to get to know some really nice people.

A couple of weeks ago I noted this anniversary was coming up, and had various plans for a big post. None of these came to fruition. Time flies.

Except when it crawls, and two years also casts a long shadow.

I started to play World of Tanks in the main because I was looking for a more casual game. It was clear that my primary game of the previous years (EVE Online) would not be something I would want to actively continue with the arrival of my daughter. In due course I stopped playing EVE, and pretty also pretty much stopped playing LOTRO (I became a bit disillusioned over the course LOTRO seemed to be taking). I had also mostly stopped playing my major offline games – the various Paradox Interactive titles.

Wind forward two years. Life is different now. My daughter is older for one thing, and being a father is an adventure in its own right. However, some of the reasons why I wanted to play a casual game have now abated somewhat. Melian sleeps a good deal better than she did, meaning my evening gaming is relatively rarely interrupted. Also, although I am still prone to go absolutely giddy and gushing over how great my daughter is, I am no longer as emotionally overwhelmed. That is not quite right. Being married, and becoming a father, remain huge events in my life. It is not that their place has shrunk – it that I have grown, meaning I feel now to have more headspace for other things.

This can be seen perhaps in the last year or so with my playing of Kerbal Space Program, a game that is definitely more intellectually demanding, or my hopes to get playing Crusader Kings II once the new expansion launches this Tuesday.

Another aspect of this might be though in that I am starting to look for something other than tanks. I still very much wish to keep on playing World of Tanks. I have a great deal of fun, and I do not want to lose that. All the same, I am starting to want something more.

This weekend, I logged into EVE.

  1. 8000 Battles? :O Sometimes it’s nice *not* to know those kind of statistics? xD

    Congrats on your anniversary, though! 😉

    • stnylan said:


      To put 8000 battles in perspective, how much time do you get when you go /played in all your LOTRO characters? :=) Actually, it is not unusual to run into folks with over 20k battles, or even higher.

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