Gaming: Weekly Update 21/7/2014

Well, I have obviously not managed to write any further blogposts this week. I think that is a partial side effect of getting back into the swing of things at work. Amongst other things this has meant me getting slowly more and more tired, to the extent I actually had an early night yesterday – which was a very good decision.

World of Tanks

I was uncertain whether or not to get the Tiger II in last week’s special. Eventually I decided not to, and in effect to downgrade the priority of acquiring the tank. Instead I spent some credits on bits and pieces of equipment, ground out the wins to complete the Tier VIII mission and its 350k award, and credits more generally. That was also basically the theme of the rest of the week. I now have just under three million credits, so with a bit of luck that IS-4 will be mine this weekend.

I also managed to elite the AMX 40 and M5A1 Stuart. In the latter I continue to have some increased success in the scout tank role. I really do want to have regular scout tank games, as I can feel the improvement now and I don’t want it to go all to waste. Plus I feel it will help make me a better tank driver in general. I have almost finished eliting the Valentine as well – one more game should do it. I will probably then proceed to concentrate on the Alecto as my next Tier IV to do. I am also intending to start work on one of the many Tier Vs I have hanging around – probably the T49 so I can work towards the fabled Hellcat.

My other longer grinds continue as they do. I am beginning to feel more comfortable in the IS-3, and have now had a First Class game. Mostly though these grinds are still at fairly early stages. With my IS-4 crew grind now reaching its end, however, I have decided to train up the crew I currently have in my VK3601H a bit. This crew I think I will stick into the VK4502P Ausf. A, but again I want the first crew skill to be well advanced, if not actually to 100% before I transfer it over.

Once I have gotten the IS-4 it will need a few hundred thousand credits to be able to fit it out properly. After that I will also look into getting the Panther II up to spec and the crew there transferred over. After that I am likely to start concentrating on acquiring a number of new Tier V tanks and below that I have unlocked recently.

Kerbal Space Program

This has been my go-to game this week when not tanking, in part because I have gotten on a roll. My new rocket design has successfully landed in over half of the Mün’s biomes now, gathering lots of lovely science data. I now have (I think) all the scientific instruments researched, so I am going to make a small revision to the design and start sending missions to Minmus. A couple of those should hopefully get me enough Science to unlock the technologies I want before I start doing things like sending out probes and landers to other planets.


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