Gaming: Weekly Roundup 8/3/2014

I am glad to say that matters are looking better on the health front. It turns out I probably have been suffering from some sort of chest infection, rather than a common cold, which certainly explains generally how poorly I have been feeling. The antibiotics appear to be doing their work, but the cough is lingering somewhat (not entirely unexpectedly). It does mean however that I have slowly gotten to a situation where I have been able to do some gaming again.

World of Tanks

The first couple of days I played World of Tanks I basically stuck to the low tiers, where there is generally not quite as much pressure, though I have now also managed to progress on some of my higher tiers too. In particular the T29 is now fully upgraded. I have also managed to have a good few games (and one heartbreaking loss) on the Ferdinand, which ,means I only have something like 10k experience to go to unlock the top gun. That will be most welcome.

On the low-tier front I managed to get an Ace Tanker medal on the Ha-Go, and have also fully upgraded the M5A1 Stuart.

I have concentrated quite a bit of premiums, with some success in that I now have almost 3 million credits. Not quite half-way. However, it has occurred to me it might be best to take advantage of the Top of the Tree offer and acquire the Panther II at a discount. After all it is the tank I was intending to get immediately after the IS-4, and it seems silly to ignore the potential saving. If I do get it now I will not be equipping it right away, however, as priority of course goes back immediately to the IS-4 credit grind.

That grind should be helped somewhat this weekend. I won’t aim to get the three days premium – that is basically out of reach – but I hope to be able to complete the second stage for most of the missions so that should boost my credits quite nicely. The triples should also allow me to hopefully break the back of my M5A1 Stuart and Valentine grinds.

World of Warplanes

Played around a little. The Skua is now fully upgraded, and one more decent battle will also see the Bristol 146 fully upgraded. Again, I am in full credit grind mode to get the Bristol 146 equipped. This is proving quite fun however, and it is quite relaxing. My German Tier II crew is now back at 99% as well. I will probably get an American Tier II next, but I have not yet decided which one.


Played around on this as well, completing another side-quest for the Minstrel’s guild whilst doing the preliminaries of retaking the Pale for the Imperium. The next stage is to assault a major fort in the Hold.

Kerbal Space Program

I fired this up to tinker around with a new rocket design to take a Kerbal to land on the Mun, but I have discovered a severe structural failing, so it looks like it is going to be a total redesign of the launch vehicle.

  1. Lews_1_Therin said:

    You lucky dog you! 🙂 The IS-4 is the top of the tree for the coming two weeks. Almost 2M credits less for you to grind!

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