Gaming: Weekly Round-up 1/3/2014

Well, this is going to be a very short post for a very simple reason: I have done virtually no gaming at all this past week. The cold-thingy that I have been afflicted with in one form or another for the last few weeks truly took off the gloves. I last played World of Tanks last Saturday – and not very much then. On Sunday I felt I was coughing too much for an online game (kinda mucks up your aim) and so did a bit of Skyrim. And I haven’t played a game since, and I won’t be playing anything tonight either.

Essentially I have been going to work, doing the best I can (which at times has been admittedly a lot of effort for relatively little result), coming home, seeing my daughter to bed, and then just trying rest and sleep the best I can. Along the way I have developed a nasty, hacking like cough that makes me sound as I have been smoking sixty a day since I was twelve, and I have also lost my voice. The last makes me squeak, which at times is actually quite funny – only laughing sounds me into a another painful paroxysm fit of coughing. Seriously, the last time I felt this ill was when I had a chest infection, which makes me wonder if perhaps I have another. A trip to the doctor is in order unless things seriously start getting better this weekend.

Anyway, that is the chief reason why I have not blogged anything at all this week.

I have actually been slowing working on my WoT Monthly report, which I might get around to doing in the next day or two. Otherwise gaming and posting is going to have to wait until this cough/cold thingy is under better control.


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