WoT: Tanks to own again

Over the almost two years I have played World of Tanks my garage has ballooned in size – largely because of my general reluctance to sell tanks. Nevertheless over time there have been some tanks I have sold, due to garage size pressure, that I subsequently regretted. A few of these I have already bought back, but there are still several out there I rather miss.

So I made myself a little promise around the start of the year that, at some point, I will spend a little gold to expand my garage by perhaps 10 slots solely to acquire past tanks. Then of course I started to think about what tanks would fill those slots. So far I have come up with eight tanks, listed roughly in order of desirability. Given how I have played the game, they are mostly low-tier vehicles.

Jagdpanther – If there is one tank I regret the most for having sold, this is it. It is a truly great tank destroyer, relatively mobile, hard-hitting, able to take advantage of cover and camouflage. I had great times in it back when I had it – I think I would enjoy it even more now.

KV-3 – Again, I really enjoyed the KV-3 when I initially had it, and I think now I would have a blast as well. I wouldn’t want to play it in a 75% crew – I would want at least some repair, but this would be a great tank to re-acquire. Also it would mean I would have the entire KV-line of heavy tanks, which would appeal to my completionist instincts.

Somua SAu-40 – a tank that many hate, but it is all about the derp gun. Some games you will have very limited, if any, impact. However with a little luck and a good sense of opportunity you can really ruin the other team’s tanks.

T18 – this is a little bit of a guilty pleasure. I only ever played a few games in it back in the day. My brother has one now, and it would be fun to be able to do a T18 platoon.

T82 – now this tank I think is an even greater seal-clubber than its baby brother. This tank can terrorise vehicles above its tier. I have very fond memories of it.

Cruiser Mk II – the other great Tier III derp. Again, this is a tank I feel I could be more effective with now – if I manage to keep my patience about me.

M8A1 – One I sold rather more recently, but which I rather liked but never spent the time on I probably should have.

M3 Lee – Most people hate the M3 Lee, but I rather liked it when I played it. I am rather interested to see if I would still like it now.

This leave me two slots out of my self-promised 10, and I am not sure if I will actually fill them at this time. Still, this is something I am aiming for, perhaps in the summer.


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