Gaming: Weekly Round-up 31/1/2014

Trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging is proving harder than expected. Will need to try and use my time more efficiently. Otherwise I have done quite a bit less this last week. Ended up feeling very out of sorts earlier in the week, which rather sapped my energy. It happens. Another reason is that I ended up sending most of one evening, and part of another, trying to get Star Fleet Command 1 to work on my pc, but ultimately I didn’t manage it.

World of Tanks

Well the headline news is that I have bought and played my first battles in the IS-3, having transferred the crew over from the IS. I have it kitted up with vents, rammer, and stabs. Not ultimately sure if that is the best combination, but it is what I am going with at the moment. Only the turret and tracks are not upgraded, and I will be going for the turret first of all. Had a mixed first few games in it, but also some fun.

On the T29 the top gun is unlocked and is proving nicely powerful. I have had a very bad run with the T29 this week. In quite a few of the battles I performed well enough – though there were a couple of completely idiotic games. Even so, I clearly had chances I did not take. Hopefully as I continue to update the rest of the tank more of those opportunities will be realised. My next target is the turret, which improves the view range by 50m, and after that it will be the engines.

I also finally elited the ARL V39. I then realised that I only have the 2nd class tanker medal in it. This slightly surprised me. I knew I had struggled in the tank, but clearly I have struggled more than I expected. I am now determined to at least get the 1st Class, and I may even get stubborn enough to give the Ace Tanker a try. It is like the ARL V39 is a challenge.

As to my other grinds they also progress, with varying degrees of slowness. On the Panther the Panther II is half-researched. I have less than 10k to go on the ST-I to the IS-4 – and the crew for the IS-4 is now sitting at 97% on the first crew skill. I have just blown a lot of credits on the IS-3, and currently have just under a million. I would hope to be able to buy the IS-4 by the end of February, but time will tell.

In lower-tier tanks I am just 1 or 2 good games away from unlocked the Crusader on the Covenanter. On the Japanese tanks I am just in pursuit of the Ace Tanker medals.

World of Warplanes

I have my second Tier III plane – the Skua – and I have most of the modules now researched. Otherwise I am now saving up credits to get the Bristol 143. To own and equip it, with credit crew retrain, will I think take around 200k credits so I will be at it for a bit.

I have decided I am going to have to experiment a little with ammo types as well. Seems silly to ignore this feature.


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