Gaming: Weekly Round-up 24/1/2014

This is another fortnightly update – but it shouldn’t have been. I literally have just realised that the post I wrote for last week is still a draft. A facepalm moment if ever there was one. All of which means there is a fair bit to go over. My gaming the last fortnight has suffered somewhat from two, rather different, set of interruptions. The first was I read my way through the new Terry Pratchett book “Raising Steam” and also the first book of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy. Both were very good reads I can recommend. The second cause of interruption was general tiredness following several unsettled nights. C’est la vie. Nevertheless I have managed to get a considerable amount of gaming done.

World of Tanks

I ended up not getting enough credits to get the Tiger II whilst the New Year discounts were still active. This is a shame, but my focus now is on getting the IS-3 instead. I have only about 10k xp to go on the IS so that should be quite soon. My next aim is then to save up credits for the IS-4 and Panther II. I have less than 50k to go now on the ST-I, and about the same on the Panther.

The long grind for the Ferdinand top gun continues, but it is a secondary tank for me at the moment so that is taking time. I am struggling a bit with the Ferdi still, since basically it lacks punch. I know this will cease to be a problem with the top gun, so I am being patient. On the T29 I am about 2/3 of the way to unlocking its top gun. That will, I am sure, make unlocking the rest of the modules quite a bit easier. It is still very difficult to judge this tank given that it is still mostly stock.

My grind on the ARL V39 is also almost done, with only about 12k to go. I will not be immediately buying the French Tier VII TD – I will wait to see if it comes up on special offer. I hope to be done with it this coming week, but that rather depends on playtime. I have also started to play the Covenanter at Tier IV. It is now fully upgraded and I hope to have the Crusader unlocked in the next 7-10 days. It is not a bad tank, but I am not sure of the best setup for it.

I have started playing Japanese tanks. The Renault Otsu I have found to be quite fun. I am currently failing to get the Ace Tanker medal. I probably should just move on, but I am getting stubborn about it. I have also played a few games in the Chi-Ni, of which I so far do not have a favourable impression.

As far as crew training projects are concerned the KV-1 crew is now at 95% on its first crew skill. I am aiming to get the second skill up to about 60% (after I have retrained the Commander to Sixth Sense) so it will take a while yet. My crew on the Marder 38T now also has its two new members at 100% on the primary skill. I will aim to get camouflage up to around 60% or so before moving onto the next tank in the line.

World of Warplanes

I am now the proud owner of a Skua. I have yet to actually play any games in it, but it is bought, equipped, and the crew retrained. My crew for the Bristol 133 is also now back at 100% on the main qualification, so now the credit grind begins for the Tier IV.

Kerbal Space Program

I took a lander out to the Mun on my career game, but in the end I only orbited and return to Kerbin. I had issues in the take-off – I ended up doing so in a retrograde orbit and used up far too much fuel. Also the more I thought about my design the less certain I was it had enough fuel in the lander itself. Some tests I later did more or less confirmed that.

Since then I have redesigned a lander that I have somewhat more confidence in. It is a totally new design for me, using radial engines. I have no idea if it will work – and I cannot test it until I get a good launch vehicle for this. I am experimenting with several designs for this right now, but so far all have been decidedly un-successful.

This is leading me to consider a complete change of approach, and to try and land a probe launcher that only has to make it down to the surface. The amount of science one gets from transmission is far less than recovery. On the other hand a series of probe missions to the Mun and Minmus might garner me enough science to unlock several more technologies that would make Kerbol-landers more likely to succeed. I might also be able to use a successful probe lander design to head out to some of the other planets.


Not done a great deal, but have just done a little. Rather than going straight back to Solitude from Whiterun I instead stopped by the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and handed in a couple of Contracts, and picked up the next quest in that storyline. I then used the Sanctuary as a base to go and get the drum that the Minstrel’s Guild wanted, and the second portion of Mehrunes’ Razor.

I am now deciding whether to go back to Solitude now, or to divert to the next step in the Brotherhood Storyline.

War Thunder

I actually fired this up just yesterday. The last time I locked in was many versions ago, so it was a pretty big download, and lots of things have changed. I only played one game, and in that game I remembered some of the things I used to like about War Thunder and some of the thinks I disliked. I am not intending to play War Thunder very deeply. At this point it is almost entirely a compare and contrast with World of Warplanes, though remembering the fact WoWP is barely out of the hangar, whilst War Thunder has been up and running for well over a year now.


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