WoT: Aims for 2014

So, 2014 is here and the New Year celebrations are at an end, not to mention the festival diseases appear to have worked their nefarious way through the system and been shown the door. Time therefore to look ahead to what one might wish to achieve in the year ahead. Of course, there are two very good sayings when it comes to plans – that they are a basis for change, and that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. We shall see how well these plans hold up.

Tier X Tanks

This year is when I wish to start Tier X action. The first Tier X I will have will be the IS-4, given that I have less than 50k experience to go. However, once I have that tank researched I wish to start concentrating on another. I would prefer to go for a vehicle used more in Clan Wars, but I don’t really want to do another Russian heavy. As for other lines, for the “in demand” tanks I will aim for the T110E5. I am not terribly close to it, having just unlocked the T29, but it is a good place to start. However, part of my also wants to look out for a non-heavy. Therefore I am thinking perhaps also working my way to the E-50 Ausf. M. I am already on the final grind to the Panther II, so it is something that should be manageable in the year.

That being the case I would have two heavies and one medium. To complete the Tier X “set” as it were I think it would be useful to have two other aims. Well, I have the Ferdinand so the Jagdpanzer E-100 is obvious. I think I will also choose to work my way up the French TDs, but we shall see how it goes. That just leaves SPGs. Of course I have the GW Panther, but I think I would prefer to go to another nation, so I have decided to grind out the British SPG line at some point in the year.

Now realistically I do not expect to get all these Tier X tanks in 2014. I would be surprised if I get more than three, including the IS-4. Nevertheless I think it is good to have aspirations, so right now these are mine.


While working on the top of the tech trees, I also have a hankering to filling out the lower band. Apart from the Japanese and SPGs I already have all Tier IVs either elited or researched. However I want to continue to work at them, and be at a situation where I have researched all Tier VI heavies, mediums, and TDs. I will also try for the lights, but I know myself well enough to believe a certain caution is warranted there.

The other reason for this desire to try to ensure I am well-placed if there is ever another offer such as the IS-6 missions. Of course, if Wargaming do have another similar set of missions it might not be Tier VI that it is based on. I would not be surprised if it were anything from Tier V to Tier VIII. To that end I would also like to ensure I have researched at least one Tier VIII tank of each nation. This is ambitious, given everything else, but what is the point of aiming low?

Of course for Germany and Russia this is already managed. The USA will also take care of itself fairly naturally as I play up through the heavies. For the Japanese there is only the one option of course, which absolves me of the need to make a decision. That leaves the French, Chinese, and British. For the French it is likely to the be the TD line. As far as the Chinese are concerned I think it most likely that I will explore the mediums. For the British, despite my intention to go up the SPGs line I would also like to do another regular tank line. The thing is, I would do all the British tank lines. That one is going to tank some thought.


As regards to my writing about World of Tanks, I do intend to make one change. I am going to stop posting the specials I have been doing so. When I started there were no missions, it was all very concentrated. Plus it was a useful way to talk about my own intentions. Well, now I am writing those weekly gaming update posts I can refer to any specials or missions as necessary.

Last but not least

All the above sounds like a lot of grinding. Which it would mean, of course. So it is important to end this article with my chief aim for World of Tanks this year: to have fun.


  1. sean said:

    I don’t mean to be “that guy”, but if you’re looking for Clan Wars-viable tanks, you’ll need to change direction, won’t you?

    In terms of heavies, the IS-4 is never seen in CW: IS-7 yes; as well as T110E5, T57, AMX 50B; and the E-100 for specific maps.
    In terms of mediums, the E-50M is also *never* seen; simply never. My clan would choose a Tier 9 medium over an E50-M. Mediums used are many: Bat-chat, Leopard 1, T-62A, Obj 140, Obj 430 (rarely, because few people have it; it’ll be a staple once more people have it); also 121 and M48A1, but both less often.

    TDs will change with the next update, when the 850 alphs TDs get a nerf – but anything with an auto-loader will always be welcome; JgPz E-100 never in CW, it’s strictly a pub-star.

    Arties I know nothing about, so can’t help! British arties seem common, however.

    As always, play the tanks you enjoy – but if you want a CW-viable tank in your garage, you’ll need to alter your plans, I would have thought.

    • stnylan said:

      Re-reading what I wrote I can see I was unclear. For a CW tank I will go for the T110E5. The rest are really just based on what I would like to get to play in randoms currently.

      In reality I am unlikely to play CW much, if at all, on the coming year anyway on account of other commitments.

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