Gaming: Weekly Roundup 28/12/13

Obviously I have done rather less gaming this week, as I spent several days firstly getting ready for Christmas – and being very tired – and then time also enjoying Christmas. The festive season continues and will continue to have an impact on gaming time – there are things more important that electronic fun and games.

World of Tanks

My main focus in World of Tanks has been grinding out Tier VIs to get some premium days. I have continued to flirt with the idea of going for the IS-6, but every time I do I quickly re-assess. As to my progress, the x5 first victory bonus yesterday has made a real impact. I have now 2/3 done with the Soviets and 1/3 to 1/2 done with the USA and Germany. With France I am only about 1/5 done. I have had some really poor games in the ARL V39. I could just claim it was because the tank was poor, but in reality I played some extremely poor games with it.

I also now have my full stable of Tier VI tanks. The ARL V39 for France; the VK3601H, VK3002M and VK3001D for Germany; the M4A3E8, M4A3E2 and M6 for the USA; and the SU-100, KV-1S, KV-2, T-150, T-35-85, and A-43 for the USSR.

Otherwise I have finally gotten enough experience for the top engine of the Ferdinand. The decision is now whether to unlock it, or to continue the grind to the top gun, which would be another 30k experience. I was just going to unlock the engine, but with a number of experience bonuses around this next little while it is tempting to go for the gun.

Ultimately however my main concern at the moments are credits, or a lack of them. Given equipment is now at a 50% discount I want to make the most of that by acquiring as much equipment as I can before the 8th January when this portion of the offer ends. However after buying the last few tanks I needed I am basically broke.

The final spot to mention is that thanks to a kindly Santa Claus I am now the proud owner of a KV-220. I haven’t taken it out yet – no equipment – but I am looking forward to trying it out.


The Battle of Whiterun has been fought and the Empire has proved victorious. Now it is time to take the fight to the Stormcloaks and re-unite Skyrim for the Empire – or some such nonsense. In reality my character has a far more prosaic view of things. I am still currently in Whiterun after the battle. I want to do a bit of work on my Alchemy and also take a good hard look at my inventory – in particular my potions – to try and rationalise what I need.

Kerbal Space Program

I have had a successful low orbital mission now to both the Mun and to Minmus. This did create a certain hilarity as it meant I had my Kerbonaut on EVA at various times trying to get the reports above various different biomes. It was successful though, as both missions netted me a rich store of science points to unlock more technologies. My next task is to actually land somewhere. I now have the parts whereby this could be achievable, but I am going to have to think out the design somewhat. I could also now think about sending a probe out of Kerbin orbit, but I may wait until I have unlocked a few more technologies.

  1. Bernard said:

    started plaing KSP again with the latest update. my landing attempts exist in crashing down as my chutes fail too often :p

  2. Bernard said:

    tier 5 on wowp and I gave myself a treat by buying the tier 5 american special plane 🙂
    (then I proceeded to get my rear kicked for more than a few times in the matches … typical!)

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