Gaming: Weekly Roundup 21/12/2013

So, Christmas is almost with us. My gaming this week has been interrupted somewhat by being ill – though partially in what I have been playing as well as in amount played.

World of Tanks

The tank I have played the most this last week is the Panzer III/IV, as I have been trying to unlock the VK3001D. I am most of the way there now – I may well finish off the rest with free experience today. I have struggled somewhat in it, despite having had a handful of good games. In particular I played a lot of games yesterday. Some of the poor performance can be attributed to an unusually large number of Tier VII matches, but plenty of it can be laid at my door as well in over-eagerness. It is not a bad tank, but I must admit I have had too intense a burst in it and I will be happy to sell it on.

Last night I also finished elited the B1, unlocking the BDR G1B. Much as I have moaned about the B1 on Teamspeak, actually it has not proven to be as bad as all that. No doubt a relatively weak tank, so long as one is happy to load up reasonable amounts of premium ammo for when faces the tougher Tier IVs and Tier V tanks, it can be quite effective.

The ST-I now has over 100k experience done towards the IS-4, but I have not progressed much in my other grinds. I have started work on the French, German, American, and Russian missions associated with the IS-6 event. I am confident I will do the Russian mission with relatively ease – I have so many Russian Tier VI tanks. Helping me along I have also played my first games in the A-43T-34-85, and SU-100. The rest I will be concentrating on in more detail following Christmas, though I have made a start in all of them.

The only other tank I have played much in has been the KV-5 to try and amass some credits for my ideal expenditures. I am expecting to get the VK3001D and VK3601H later today. I will make a judgement call about re-acquiring the Jagdpanther, but at the moment I am thinking I will put this off until a later time. Then when the USA discount hits I am going to get the M4A3E8 and the M7. All of which means I will have three Tier VI tanks for both the US and Germany for the 100k xp mission, which should make that run a lot smoother.

World of Warplanes

Had a good evening with my friend, which ended up with me getting my first Tier III aircraft – The Bristol 133. I am, at some point, going to have to re-install War Thunder so I can compare the two. However, so far I am very much enjoying WoWP as being a casual game I jump into now and then.

Kerbal Space Program

The 0.23 update was rolled out last week, and so I started up a new career game and started blasting Kerbals into orbit. Well, to begin with it was various suborbital flights, then an orbit, and now a flyby each of Mun and Minmus. I am so far enjoying the new update. Science does feel a little more polished now, and the Science Archives tab in R&D is most welcome.

I am not sure how far I will continue to progress in this game currently, but I my next step is for orbital flights of both Mun and Minmus. After that and associate experiments hopefully I will have enough science to research docking modules, which will allow me to do actual landings. We shall see.


I also finally fired up Skyrim on night this week, and finished off the Thieves’ Guild storyline. Overall another solid storyline. I then took my character back to his home in Hjaalmarch, finally remembering to kill that orcish bard in Morthal along the way. I have a whole bunch of “stuff” I need to unload into my home, and maybe a do a little crafting, before I will head back to Whiterun for the show-down that has been brewing pretty much the entire game.


With both and Steam having their Christmas sales I am hoping to pick up a few bits and bobs along the way. Indeed I have already done so having taken a trip down memory lane with Total Annhilation and Sim City 2000. There are a few other things I have my eyes open for, along with some premium tanks, but that will mostly have to wait until the big day itself.


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