WoT: My aims for the New Year specials

The New Year specials are now into their third day. I haven’t done a post on them as yet, mostly because my daughter – and subsequently myself – came down with diarrhoea. If we must get bugs good to get them out of the system before Christmas I suppose.

There are three main parts to the specials. Firstly there is the “March of Nations” – a rolling discount on all Tier I-VII tanks (get the joke?) going through the nations of World of Tanks – including the Japanese who are due to be introduced next week – with all Tier VIII-X tanks being on a 15% discount all month. Then there are the main festivities, which include a number of discounts that are month-long, and some that are concentrated in the traditional twelve days of Christmas (25th December to 6th January). There is also a Tier II UK light premium tank to be given on the day itself; and a variety of experience and crew experience bonuses running across the month. Finally there is a series of missions grinding 100k xp in regular Tier VI tanks of each nation (for a total of 700k xp, including the Japanese) which, if done, results in an IS-6.

Taking the last first, I have decided not to grind out the IS-6. There is no doubt I could manage this if I choose. I have the tanks already for Germany, France, the USA, and the USSR; and I have plenty of experience to get a Tier VI tank for the UK, China, and for Japan after they have released. Given the various experience offers I don’t anticipate this will proof all that difficult to do – though it will require some grinding obviously. However, I don’t want to use the free experience in that way. Basically I don’t want to rush my way through the lines. Then there is the fact although I am sure I could get the experience done, I would be doing little else for much of the next month. Frankly, it is not worth my bother. I will not be totally ignoring the special however, since each nation’s grind comes with a reward of 3 days premium, so I will try and do this for the four nations I already have Tier VI tanks for.

As for the rest, there are a number of tanks I wish to acquire at a discount as they become available. I have already gotten the A-43. If I manage to get it researched in time I will be getting the VK3001D as well, and perhaps the Pz Sfl IVc. I would also like to get an M4A3E8 and M7 from the US tree and the BDR G1B from the French tree. Finally – if I have the credits – I may try to get the Tiger II towards the end of the offer. I also hope to acquire some equipment for what that is on discount, and also plenty of garage slots. I am also hoping to be able to get some more premium tanks to help my crew training, but am undecided yet on specifically which ones I will get. Time to think about it.

  1. mrrx said:

    Pretty much exactly my reasons for not going after the IS-6. But completing it on four lines gives you 12 days of premium which isn’t bad.

    • stnylan said:

      Indeed. I may not manage to do it on the French – only one available tank – but otherwise plenty of fun and profit to be had from it.

      • Bernard said:

        I wonder when those special missions will appear in wowp

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