Gaming: Weekly Roundup 14/12/2013

With various matters offline inhibiting my ability to play mid-week, I did rather less gaming. In particular I had hoped to finally get around to isolating one day in the mid-week to devote to something other than World of Tanks, but it was overtaken by events. Of course with Christmas coming up there is always the potential for further disruption too 🙂 . As it is, however, that means the only game I was in this week was World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Due to the aforementioned offline matters I did not get in as many games this week as I have done recently. My main achievements, progression-wise, have been getting the top gun for the GW Panther, getting the B1 fully upgraded, and also eliting the Marder 38T.

I have only played one game on the GW Panther since upgrading the gun – a fairly mediocre game at that – so I haven’t really had a chance to evaluate it yet. As for the B1, the grind to the BDR G1B begins. The B1 is not the completely horrible tank I generally hear about, but neither is it a great tank. Tier V battles requires use of premium ammo and some fairly clever driving which, alas, I am not always able to do. I have managed to get my Ace Tanker badge, however, on a Tier IV match. As for the Marder 38T it is a good, fun tank to play. I will not keep it – tempting though the prospect is – but I will keep at it until the two new members of the crew are better trained.

The long grinds with the ST-IIS, and Panther continue. I have 113k to go for the IS-4, 50k to go for the IS-3, and 80k for the Panther II. The crew I will slot into the IS-4 (currently training on the KV-1 and Churchill III) is at 79% on its first crew skill, so it coming along nicely. My other crew training project – on the Stug III – has only just started and they are just 80% on the main qualification. It also has lower priority so I am expecting matters to go more slowly.

Going forward I basically hope to keep on going as I am. The ST-I is going to get quite heavily played as I am going to try and earn a day’s premium tonight by getting 50k damage, and my best damage-dealer is my sole Tier IX. Otherwise those tanks that I am researching which I did not get to play much this past week – the ARL V39, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, and Ferdinand – I am hoping to get out of the garage a bit. Finally I do want to get some use out of the KV-2 this weekend, taking advantage of the Interactive Special.

Of course, next week the Christmas period offers are due to hit, so that might impact the direction of my gameplay and what I acquire. I am certainly open to getting a Tier VIII at a good price, or perhaps tanks of other tiers.


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