WoT (EU): Flashback – Heavy Steel Weekend Special

First off, sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. My Mum has just retired and moved, causing all the ordinary chaos and disruption such events can do.

However, rather than dwelling on that, time to look ahead to what would appear to be the last regular special offer of the year, before the start of the New Year (*cough* Christmas *cough*) extravaganza. For that reason this offer runs Friday to Sunday.

The chief feature of the offer are the Tier VII heavy tanks – the T29, Panzer VI Tiger, Tiger P, Black Prince, AMX M4 45, IS-2, IS, and KV-3. These worthies are available at a 30% discount and will have a 20% earnings bonus for the duration of the special. The Tier V American premium T14 is also available at a 50% discount.

The tricky decision when considering these is whether or not there will be a better discount on these tanks during the New Year offers. It is quite possible that there will be, but also quite possible there will not be. Personally I have been itching to get the T29, and will almost certainly do so this weekend (though I am unlikely to play it just yet). If one does opt to buy a tank now, and finds in the next few weeks there was a better deal, one just has to shrug the shoulders and be happy with the discount one did actually get.

There is also an associated mission with the offer – do 5k damage in a heavy tank (premium included apparently) and earn an extra 50k credits. Finally there is a 50% discount on crew training and re-training, and the first victory of the day for each vehicle will give a triple experience bonus.

So on the all this is a good offer with a clear, well-defined theme.


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