WoT (EU): Fire and Forget Special

Very often after a mammoth special such as our pseudo-Thanksgiving Special of last week we get something much more humdrum, and this weekend is no exception. This special is, however, somewhat better focused having, as it does, a clear artillery theme. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The main part of the special relates to SPGs: almost all regular Tier III-V SPGs are available at a 50% discount and have a 50% earnings bonus. The two German Sturmpanzer SPGs are excluded from the list, but I do not know if this is oversight or intention. I think it is unlikely this will create a glut of low-tiered SPGs, though I would expect to see more M41 and Bishop SPGs than usual as they are a low-tier arty that can be easily researched from another tank line. For my own part I will make sure to take advantage with the Pz Sfl IVb.

There is also a mission for artillery associated with the offer: kill 4 enemy tanks in a Tier IV or above SPG and get a 50% credits bonus. Simple enough, though it may create an attempt of arty kill-stealing which can always be a bit self-destructive on a team. We shall see.

Then we get to the rest of the offer, some of which is a repeat of last week. There is a 50% discount on consumables, barracks slots, and “all crew training options” which I take to mean both training/retraining and skill resets. Finally the first vehicle of they day on each tank will net a triple experience bonus. ‘

So overall this is a decent offer, but not exceptional, a good interlude between last weekend and the Christmas madness in a few weeks.


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