WoT: A Crucial Pool

I was originally going to write about a game I played on Sunday night with two clanmates from QSF-X in which we achieved (my first) Crucial Contribution medal. This was a rather good game – a Tier VIII match and I was in my Ferdinand, and my platoon-mates were in a T69 and a KV-4. The map was Abbey, and the southern start position. Initially the T69 moved to the centre, to the abbey itself, which he proceeded to dominate the entire match. Myself and the KV-4 initially progressed up the river road. Having dealt with the enemy tanks that advanced down that flank the KV-4 continued to lead a push into their base whilst I turned back for base defence as our western flank had collapsed. Unfortunately our KV-4 could not complete his assault. With the T69 providing flanking fire from the Abbey I was able to successfully defeat the enemy attack from the west, however a T71 pretty much wrecked me making me easy prey for a remaining Nashorn – which our guy finished up for the Crucial. It was one of my best games in World of Tanks – not in terms of experience or damage but just pure team fun. The relay can be seen here.

Last night, however, I truly had one my best matches ever in World of Tanks, again with two platoonmates from QSF-X (one of whom I was with on Sunday night). A Tier IX match – Erlenburg encounter, me in the ST-I, and my platoonmates in an Object 704 and E-50. Oddly I could not remember all that much of the match itself – I recall more of the match I just described on Sunday night – without watching the replay. I do remember the result though: 13 kills for the platoon (so another Crucial contribution), 10 for me (my first ever Pool’s Medal), and over 6000 damage done. My platoonmate kindly let me get the killing shot on the enemy, and another team-member stopped capping to allow me time to get the kill, so this was a Pool’s medal with assistance, but that doesn’t stop me being ridiculously happy about it – nor in sharing my happiness with the two fine gentleman I played with.

In a sense I do not think I did anything particularly brilliant during this game, and I think I only made one significant mistake (un-necessarily exposing myself to fire from a sniping Tiger H). We initially pushed up the western ridge, dealing with the enemies who contested that northern end and the handful who were stuck on the western side of the river. In the mean-time our flank on the other side of the river had collapsed, so we moved to the south. I stopped for a moment trying to get shots off on a T69 being a pain across the central bridge, but was unable to act quickly enough to get a good shot. Continuing on my way I made a quicker route, exposing me to the Tiger fire mentioned earlier. Cross the southern bridge I was able to take out two heavies guarding that passing, and then wreck the sniping Tiger. Then it was a matter of clean-up, advancing up the ridge to find where he had retreated to, and finally removing the last couple of tanks. The very last was a Stuer Emil, which my clanmate almost certainly could have killed himself but he let me have the bagging rights.  The replay can be found here.

Among the many reasons I joined QSF-X was the chance to play regularly with other people, to do well at this game with their assistance. These two matches were the sort of achievements I was aspiring to. All in all I just have to say very many thanks to the guys I was platooned with on both nights, and hope we can all get such successes in the matches to come.


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