WoT: Making Savings

Sometimes with the special offers it becomes possible to save quite a lot of credits, but it can require patience waiting for the right offer. The recent special was an example of how several of these elements came together to allow me to make a quite significant savings.

I have had an increasingly large number of crews waiting to change tanks, in addition to tanks needing brand new crews, for many weeks. I have been waiting for the crew retraining special offer with something akin to greed. Not only that, however, but all Tier II-V tanks were available at a 50% discount. This was perfect as I had a number of tanks I wanted to acquire in that Tier range, some of which I was going to do anyway when the crew training special game along. Consumables were also available at a 50% discount. Then, in a final twist, the GW Panther line became the Interactive Special on Monday. This was just the icing on the cake.

So how much was I able to take advantage of these four elements?

Firstly I bought the Marder 38T, Durchbruchswagen 2, M5A1 Stuart, T-80, Panzer III/IV, and Pz Sfl IVb. Then I either recruited new crews, or moved crews into all these tanks, and also the Churchill I, SU-100, S-35 CA, T49, T-150, and B1. Finally on Monday I bought the GW Panther and moved a crew into that, and I also researched the M10 Wolverine, acquired it, and crewed it. For all the tanks I bought, with the exception of the Durchbruchswagen 2 and GW Panther, I sold a tank (leaving my Hummel currently uncrewed, not sure to keep it or not).

All of that came to a total saving of over 2 million credits – not including the credits from the sold tanks. Then I stocked up on consumables, saving about another million. I have started buying a few premium consumables in these offers, though I rarely use them at the moment, and most of the regulars are fairly well stocked, so my purchases were limited.

Finally there was also a 15% discount on regular Tier VIII tanks. I seriously considered getting something like a Tiger II, but ultimately I think I have enough on my plate at the moment.

I suppose the ultimate point I am trying to illustrate is that patience sometimes pays off. With a large garage there are generally plenty of tanks one can play, which means I can easily wait out most of these specials.


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