WoT: Farewell to the Marder II

So this weekend I finally sold the Marder II. The rebalanced version was just a different tank, rather than just a nerfed one. But having fought over twelve hundred battles I thought it was a good moment just to reflect on the journey I made with this tank.

I cannot remember exactly my first few battles with the Marder II, back over eighteen months ago. One sticks in the mind however, was a match-up in Ensk. It was my first multi-kill match – I destroyed three enemy tanks. Until that match I thought World of Tanks was interesting enough, but I had not yet experienced something that really grabbed me. That match changed everything. It gave me that moment of exhilaration that made me realise what a thrill the game could be.

My final tally with the Marder II is 1268 matches with a 61.12% win rate. In the Marder II I have destroyed 2397 enemy vehicles, and done over 600,000 damage. I also got 57 Top Guns, 52 Snipers, 4 Confederates, 12 Patrol Duties, 7 Defenders, and 11 Scout Medals. I also earned 2 Kolobanov Medals, 8 Halonen Medals, and even a Pascucci Medal.

By the end of my time that win rate was only to be expected – after all my crew was incredibly well-skilled for Tier III. When I stopped playing it they were 40% on the fourth crew skill.

Despite all the time played on this tank I am not sorry to sell it now, because the tank that I am selling is not the tank that I played those twelve hundred battles in. The difference between a nerf and a rebalance can be a subtle one. The Marder II had been nerfed several times, but elements of its essential character remained. The 8.9 update changed its character – turning it into a different vehicle. Thus it is sometimes in internet gaming, and when a favourite tank/ship/class is affected sometimes it is just time to move on.

So I have.

  1. mrrx said:

    It amuses me that I have just re-purchased the Marder II. Unlike you I never liked the vehicle – probably because it was too early in my tanking career for a glass cannon. My 60% crew has ground out the needed 3,800 xp for the Marder 38T, and I have to admit I started liking it the last few matches.

    It must be the lack of experience of the “old” Marder II.

    • stnylan said:

      Hehe, quite possibly 🙂 I think glass cannons can be something of an acquired taste.

  2. Gank said:

    Farewell brave Marder 🙂

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