WoT: December 2013 Report


Well, the end of my first month in QSF-X, and I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. I have played with some good folks. Essentially I have just platooned, since I don’t really want to be responsible for a Clan War battle defeat by having to leave my computer to go and attend to Melian – and essentially the same dynamic has applied to team matches too. I have not counted, but I feel that I have spent more matches platooned than not.

The last month has also seen an expansion of my garage with a number of new tanks added and old tanks re-acquired. Being in the Clan has substantially increased the number of matches I have played this month, and also widened the tanks I have played. The exposure to the Clan has also helped me focus on a number of my longer-term goals, and this has brought to the fore the idea of seeing tanks not just through the vehicles but also in terms of crews. Therefore my KV-4 crew moved to my ST-I, my KV-1 crew then moved into the KV-4, and I have training a new crew in my KV-1 which will in due course become the crew I use in my IS-4 – at which point I will start training up another crew in the KV-1.

The other major change of habit I had this month was that I started to use some of the free experience I had built up over the last long while. This is probably something I am going to do more often I think in the higher tiers, to make a stock grind less than terrible. However, I still do not wish to use free experience to research a tank (as opposed to a module).

Garage Trip

M5A1 Stuart (Tier IV Light Chinese) – unplayed. Just acquired.

AMX 40 (Tier IV Light French) – unplayed.

D2 (Tier III Medium French) – elited. About to sell this one off and move the crew into the B1. Have been engaged in a fruitless quest for the Ace Tanker badge, but my most recent (and probably last) game did net me a Top Gun, which I think is a good way to leave it.

B1 (Tier IV Heavy French) – unplayed.

S-35 CA (Tier V TD French) – elited. Recently re-acquired, and I am looking forward to getting to play this one once more.

ARL V39 (Tier VI TD French) – Managed a few games. The gun selection is good, pretty much everything else is a challenge.

Leichttraktor (Tier I Light German) elited. Played a few games for fun.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. Not played in November.

Panzer I Ausf. C (Tier II Light German) – elited. One of the tanks that I am using to get more experience scouting, though with the added bonus of terrorising Tier III matches.

T-15 (Tier III Light German) – premium. Nor played in November.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier V Light German) – elited. Played a few games. Still struggling with scout gameplay.

Pz S35 739f (Tier III Medium German) – premium. Played my first games in this platooned with my brother. Came pretty much as advertised – great in Tier III, rubbish in Tier V, and middling in Tier IV.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. Finding some success with the 50mm.

VK2001D (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. A lacklustre tank, especially compared with the Panzer III. Been trying to get the Ace Tanker, but will sell it imminently having given up.

Panzer III/IV (Tier V Medium German) – elited. Re-acquired this weekend so I can research the VK3001D.

Panzer IV (Tier V Medium German) – elited. Played a few more games.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Been playing to help train the VK2001D crew, and struggling a little bit.

VK3002M (Tier VI Medium German) – elited. Not played much this last month. Will give it another go at some point.

Panzer V Panther (Tier VII Medium German) – fully upgraded. I used free experience on the tracks, and in truth there was relatively little left for me to upgrade. Very much a sniper.

Durchbruchswagen 2 (Tier IV Heavy German) – unplayed. Just bought.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Not played in November.

VK3001H (Tier V Heavy German) – elited. Will probably be moving the crew from this into the Tiger II, as and when I acquire it.

Panzer VI Tiger (Tier VII Heavy German) – elited. Only a few games, but slowly moving the win rate into positive territory.

Tiger P (Tier VII Heavy German) – elited. Again, just a handful of games. A good option to have when platooning with people who need to get their doubles on Tier VII tanks.

VK4502P Ausf. A (Tier VIII Heavy German) – unplayed.

Marder 38T (Tier IV TD German) – researching. Played three games with the new vehicle. First game was terrible, but subsequent two were pretty good and I can see why it is well-liked.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Played quite a bit this month, albeit not with much luck.

Stug III (Tier V TD German) – elited. This is probably my next crew-training project.

Dicker Max (Tier VI TD German) – premium. I have had some really good games in this so far.

Ferdinand (Tier VIII TD German) – researching. I free experienced the tracks, but am now researching. I had the mid-gun already researched, and I was going to try and get the top gun next but I have decided to go for the engine. The stock engine on this thing makes a KV-4 looks nimble.

Pz Sfl IVb (Tier IV SPG German) – unplayed. Just acquired.

Hummel (Tier VI SPG German) – elited. On Monday with the Interactive Special I will be selling this on and replacing with the GW Panther.

Cruiser Mk III (Tier II Light UK) – elited. Just a handful of games, but good fun.

Covenanter (Tier IV Light UK) – unplayed.

Matilda (Tier IV Medium UK) – elited. Played quite a few games, and I have now gotten the crew to 100%. Will continue to play on and off, and eventually transfer the crew to the Cromwell as and when that is ready.

Churchill I (Tier V Heavy UK) – unplayed. Just acquired.

Alecto (Tier IV TD UK) – unplayed.

T1E6 (Tier II Light USA) – premium. Finally got around to playing a couple of games in it.

T7 Combat Car (Tier II Light USA) – premium. As yet unplayed.

M5 Stuart (Tier IV Light USA) – fully upgraded. Played some matches as another scout-learning experience.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – elited. Played several matches, probably my current favourite Tier V vehicle for general fun and credit-making.

Ram-II (Tier V Medium USA) – premium. Playing on and off helping train up the M4A3E2 crew.

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo (Tier VI Medium USA) – researching. A tank where there is very good reason not to upgrade the turret – a good positive reason. Enjoying it so far.

M6 (Tier VI Heavy USA) – fully upgraded. Should have the T29 researched in the next couple of days. Will move the crew on when I do, but I will keep this tank and train a new crew in it.

T40 (Tier IV TD USA) – fully researched. Almost got the M10 Wolverine researched, which I hope to buy before the end of the special. A delightful tank to play, but until I am overflowing with garage spots I will need keep it.

T49 (Tier V TD USSR) – unplayed. Another tank just acquired.

M3 Light (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Not yet played.

T-127 (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Now played, and had some very good games. The armour at Tier III is very good for annoying the auto-loaders

LTP (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. The Anniversary present. Not yet played.

T-80 (Tier IV Light USSR) – unplayed. Just acquired.

Valentine II (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. Not played November.

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – elited. Have researched the entry point into the second Soviet medium line, and also got my Ace Tanker medal. Another favourite credit-earner.

Matilda IV (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Played a handful of matches, but struggling a bit getting the hang of it.

T-34-85 (Tier VI Medium USSR) – unplayed.

Churchill III (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. Played quite a few games in this training crews, though I do not seem to do very well in terms of win rate.

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. I have the new crew up to 100% now, and will continue to play it regularly to further develop the crew ready for its next use.

T-150 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – unplayed.

KV-1S (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – researching. Re-acquired, and with a crew now at 100%. I have not yet researched the MT-25, since I kept accelerated crew training on to begin with to speed the crew training. Just turned it off however to get it done.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Boom-tank.

IS (Tier VII Heavy USSR) – fully upgraded. Had some great successes with this tank, but also some utter failures. I cannot claim to love it, and have no particular desire to keep it once the IS-3 is unlocked.

KV-4 (Tier VIII Heavy USSR) – elited. I am very glad I decided to keep the KV-4 going when I got the ST-I. I

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. I would love to be a better rammer than I am.

ST-I (Tier IX Heavy USSR) – fully upgraded. My first Tier IX, and I am enjoying it very much. The upgraded turret is just the most wonderful thing ever.

SU-85 (Tier V TD USSR) – elited. Only a few games this month. I think the crew from here will go onto one of the Tier VII TDs in due course.

SU-100 (Tier VI TD USSR) – unplayed.

SU-100Y (Tier VI TD USSR) – premium. Very useful crew trainer.

SU-26 (Tier III SPG USSR) – researching. Not played in November.

Bought this month: KV-1S, T49, Churchill I, M4A3E2, S-35 CA, Marder 38T, Durchbruchswagen 2, M5A1 Stuart, T-80, Panzer III/IV, Pz Sfl IVb

Sold this month: Marder II, SU-85B, M8A1, Type 2597 Chi-Ha, T-70, G Pz Mk VIe

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 6920 (+709)
Victories – 3878 56.04% (+403 +0.09%)
Defeats – 2970 42.91% (+294 -0.17%)
Draws – 72 1.04% (+12 +0.07%)
Survived – 2076 30.00% (+231 +0.29%)

Destroyed – 8459 (+777)
Detected – 8438 (+968)
Hit Ratio – 69.08% (+0.61%)
Damage – 4,351,779 (+575,408)
Damage Received – 3,458,584 (+464,924)
Total Experience – 3,824,347 3,337,979 (+486,368)

New Efficiency – 1190 (-1)
WN6 Rating – 1330 (+12)
WN7 Rating – 1374 (+21)
Average Tier – 4.75 (+0.13)
Average Kills/Battle – 1.22(-0.02)
Average Damage/Battle – 628 (+20)
Average Kills/Death – 1.75 (-0.01)
Damage ratio – 1.26 (-0.03)
Spotted/Battle – 1.22 (+0.02)


Bilotte’s Medal – 1
De Langlade’s Medal – 2
Halonen’s Medal – 8
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2
Pascucci’s Medal – 4
Radley-Walter’s Medal – 2

Brothers in Arms – 4 (+3)
Defender – 21 (+3)
Patrol Duty – 16 (+2)
Invader – 2
Scout – 21 (+3)
Sniper – 300 (+28)
Steel Wall – 118 (+18)
Confederate – 46 (+7)
Top Gun – 126 (+7)

Master Gunner – 81
Hunter – 3 (+1)
Reaper – 7
Kamikaze – 7
The Lion of Sinai – 1
Sharpshooter – 478
Cool-Headed – 35 (+14)
Lucky – 4 (+1)
Spartan – 23 (+6)

Abram’s II Class 3077 to go (-214)
Carius’ II Class 1541 to go (-777)
Ekins II Class 2465 to go (-128)
Kay’s II Class 350 to go (-68)
Knispel’s II Class 2,189,637 to go (-1,100,332)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 22,295 to go (-722)
Leclerc’s II Class 20,766 to go (-654)
Popel’s II Class 11,562 to go (-968)

Top 10 Tanks Overall:
Marder II – 1268 (61,12%)
KV-5 – 418 (56,22%)
KV-1 – 416 (53,85%)
KV-4 – 272 (52,21%)
Hetzer – 201 (55,22%)
Panzer IV – 196 (63,78%)
M4 Sherman – 164 (76,93%)
Jagdpanther – 161 (55,9%)
Hummel – 154 (53,25%)
KV-3 – 151 (56,29%)

Top 10 Tanks in November:
ST-I – 82
IS – 49
KV-4 – 49
Churchill III – 41
KV-1 – 34
KV-5 – 33
VK2001D – 28
M4 Sherman – 25
Matilda – 25
T-34 – 24

Total Number of Tanks played in September/October: 43


Looking through my statistics of the last month there is a sense of things not being quite as good – the trio of kills/match, kills/death, and damage done/received have all declined slightly. My efficiency has remained flat though my WN6/7 has increased, and my average damage has increased quite a bit.

Well it is fairly easy I think. I am playing more, higher tier vehicles – in particular more vehicles that have not been properly upgraded. I have also been playing tanks with less experienced crews – my KV-1 and KV-1S in particular. Under these circumstances it seems easy enough to see why there might be a slightly decline in performance. A further reason though is just general inexperience in those higher-tier matchups, or to put it another way, I know the opponents at Tiers III-V very well. Not so much Tiers VIII and above.

However, I am hopeful things might change direction and start climbing again. Firstly WN7 increased by more than WN6. The significance of this is the effect of my average tier increasing should have a smaller impact on WN7 than WN6 due to how the formula works (a penalty applied to having a low average tier). Also I have worked out why my Efficiency has been so flat – capture and defence points. I noticed after I had a notable number my Efficiency jumped around quite a bit. I have traditionally not done much capping – and I don’t particularly intend to do so now to stat-pad – but I will likely try to keep an eye open for opportunities.

I don’t really know how much of an impact not playing the Marder II is having. Some impact of course, but I suspect the large number of extra games I have played has muted it.


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