Gaming: Weekly Roundup 30/11/2013

Wizard 101

Well as mentioned I have dipped my toe back in this game over the course of the last week, and had some success in achieving what I set out to do. On Krokotopia I have completed the Krokosphinx, and I am now doing some tasks in Grizzleheim. I have been told one goes back and forth to Grizzleheim several times over the course of the main storyline – in any event this will be my second sojourn in the land of the bears. I also now have an invitation to go to Wysteria, though I have no intention of doing anything there just yet. Along the way my Conjurer is now Level 26, almost 27.

I really do not know if I will extend my time in the game for the time being. I certainly have enough stored crowns I could play for about 2½ months, but I feel in need to make a hasty decision.

World of Warplanes

I continue to muck around a little in this game. I have now gotten my first ace medal – on the Soviet Tier I plane. I have also now bought the second British Tier II plane – the Demon. Overall I am enjoying my occasional forays into the skies.

World of Tanks

Well I did less week than I thought I would – a consequence of not playing tanks at all on Sunday and having a little less time more generally. Still I got in a very reasonable amount of tanking, various matters progress forthwith. My KV-1 crew is now at 99%, and once again I intend to get to that 100% and the same for a couple of others. The long grinds to the IS-3 (69k to go)and IS-4 (170k to go) are now well underway, but I now only need 8k experience for the long-awaited T29. The Panther is now fully upgraded. With the Ferdinand I am seriously considering researching the engines over the top gun – with the stock engine the thing is frustratingly slow. Finally on the T40 I am most of the way to the M10 Wolverine, and I hope to complete that grind before close of play on Monday to benefit from this weekend’s special offer.

Actually there is a lot of change going on in my garage at the moment, entirely due to this offer. I have sold four tanks, bought three, either moved or credit-trained crews for eight tanks – and not finished yet! I have at least two more tank moves I intend to make, one more I hope to make, and I am considering whether or not to get the Tiger II at this time. Amongst all these moves I have now sold my Marder II after 1268 matches.

Moving ahead whilst I will continue to grind away the higher-tier tanks, my aim is to make most progress at the Tier VI level. However, this is somewhat dependent on what my platooning with the clan is like in the coming week.

  1. Bernard said:

    managed to score an ace too today, still died though…

    • stnylan said:

      Congrats! Well, dying happens 😀

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