WoT (EU): Winter is Coming Special

I think probably one of the highest attainments for any writer is to have a phrase of their creation enter the wider language. Oftentimes of course this is a temporary thing, linked to the specific cultural and time in which those words resonated. Sometimes, more rarely, these phrases become more durable. More than thirty years after Curtain was published, we still speak of the “little grey cells”. More than a hundred and fifty years after Scrooge first learned how to celebrate Christmas the phrase “Bah Humbug!” still resonates. Perhaps George RR Martin’s evocative phrase will also linger, beyond the current generations. For the moment however Wargaming has chosen to use his words to title the rather grand special for this weekend on the EU server, rather than name it for that small affair on the other side of the Atlantic which has no direct meaning to us over here.

Unless of course you play on the EU server and live in the southern hemisphere, in which case Winter is not coming at all, but coming to an end.

Ok. Introspective thoughts and geographical snark aside, the special this weekend goes from Friday morning to Tuesday morning – so a full four days. Thanks to the event across the ocean it is a very generous offer, and definitely one I would like to exploit to the full.

So, first let us look at the discounts and bonuses available for tanks. Firstly all standard Tier II-V tanks are available at a 50% discount. All standard Tier VIII vehicles are available for a 15% discount. Then there is a 30% earnings bonus for all Tier VI-VII tanks. Then there is a 50% discount on premium tanks Tiers II-IV, and a 30% discount on premium tanks Tier V-VII.

All of which is great. I would advise perhaps not getting the Tier Vs, if only because they usually appear for a 50% discount on various specials. I certainly intend to take the opportunity to acquire a couple of long-term intentions, such as the M5A1 Stuart and Durchbruchswagen 2.

However, the offer extends beyond tanks. There is a 50% discount on a number of items: crew training and re-training, crew skill resets, consumables, and barracks extensions. I have been waiting for the crew training and skill reset discounts for what seems like months, and I have quite a lot of crew to re-assign. I may very well total it all up at the end, but I am expecting to save something in the order of a half a million credits. The barracks extension can be thought of as a way of maximising your garage slots – allowing you to keep an experience crew around whilst you play on a different tanks. Since the expansion adds 16 extra slots to your garage it means you can usually house three or four crews (depending on the crew complement for the various tanks).

There are two missions. The first is simple. Very simple. Called “Ice Breaker” if you have one win in a random battle you get a day of premium. The second mission is called “Bringing the Heat”, and if you kill three tanks and do 1800 damage you get 40k credits.

The final element of the offer is triple crew experience for each battle.

All in all, one hell of an offer, and we can all give thanks for that little affair going on beyond the western horizon. 🙂


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