Wizard 101: A casual interlude

So over the weekend, on Sunday specifically, I found myself feeling rather worse for wear with a head full of cold. Basically I just did not feel like playing anything that required even moderately reasonable reaction time like World of Tanks. Neither did I feel like playing anything intellectually demanding such as Kerbal Space Program or Crusader Kings II. Instead I ended up firing up Wizard 101, a game I last played over a year ago, and it provided exactly what I needed.

I had a Level 25 Conjurer and was in the second main stage of the Krokotopia world. I spent some crowns I had left over to get access for a week, and have proceeded to have some fun completing the Krokosphinx stage. The card magic provided just the right mix of challenge and ease, and I only lost one fight (due partly due to just sheer bad luck). I found picking the game up again relatively easy. Oh I am sure there are subtleties I have forgotten or never yet learned, but in the main it was easy to get into the flow once more.

One thing that I particularly like about Wizard 101 is that, having finally remembered my password, there was very little patching. This is because Wizard 101 only places a relatively small client on your pc to begin with, and then loads up the extra stuff it needs as it gets required. This meant I was playing very quickly – a great thing.

I am not sure how long my current sojourn in the Spiral will last. Probably not that long given everything else, but just for now it is has proven good, low-intensity entertainment given my circumstances.

Plus it is interesting. In a few years time, I would love to be able to play a game like this with my daughter. After all, she exists because of a MMO. It seems only just to share some of these wondrous online worlds with her (if not actually the one in which my wife and I met – EVE Online is no place for a child 🙂 ).


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