Gaming: Weekly Roundup 23/11/13

World of Warplanes

Well my initial course in Warplanes is set. I have chosen to progress down both British lines. I have also decided to progress down one American line, and one German like – though I have not yet decided which. However, when I say “progress” it might be more accurate to say “crawl”. I am in absolutely no hurry. So far I have just one Tier II plane – the Bulldog. On the other hand that plane is now updated with both pieces of equipment it can fit. I am intending to play it until the pilot is at least 100% before advancing onto Tier III – and before I do that I want to have at least two other Tier IIs acquired and equipped. Given how relatively little Warplanes I am playing this may take a while – but perhaps not so long because I do seem to be earning credits at a steady and satisfying rate.

World of Tanks

This last week has mostly been dominated by two projects – training the crews of my KV-1S and KV-1, taking advantage of the Interactive Special. The KV-1S crew is now at 100% and onto its first crew skill. The KV-1 crew is now into the 90s. I think the KV-1 will be a fairly regular tank for me to play right now, as I have plans for this crew.

I have also used free experience to research the tracks of the Ferdinand, Panther, and ARL V39. I have not played the ARL as yet, but there was no way I wanted to go into battle on a Tier VI tank with a gun that was stock on the Tier IV Somua SAu-40. As to the situation with the Ferdinand and Panther – it really just allows me to fit better modules to make things easier. On both tanks I am now grinding out to the higher guns.

I continue to play along with the T40, and am very much enjoying it, however in many ways this last week feels like a Tier VI week. Which makes sense, given the number of Tier VI vehicles I have available and I wish to play. On the M6 I am now just over half-way to the T29.

Looking forward to this weekend I hope to get the KV-1 crew up to the high 90s, if not 100%. Once I have done that I think I will concentrate on getting my crews currently in the VK2001D and Panzer I Ausf. C to 100%. Also I think I am going to try to get some games in on the M5 Stuart to at least research the M7.


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