WoT (EU): Thrill of the Hunt Special

The special this weekend is a themed one around tank destroyers. What it does not include, alas, is a discount on crew re-trains. Better luck next week. Despite this rather personal wrinkle this is a good solid offer, and it runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

So tank destroyers, specifically Tier VI and VII tank destroyers. All the regular Tier VI and VII tank destroyers in the game are available for a 30% discount and a 30% earnings bonus, with the exception of the Nashorn and Stuer Emil from the new German TD line.

In addition the low and mid-tier premium tank destroyers are on discount. The FCM PaK40 is available for a 50% discount, and the Dicker Max, SU-100Y, SU-122-44, and AT 15A are all available for a 30% discount.

I am tempted to re-acquire the Jagdpanther, however I am likely to resist as I want to preserve garage slots at the moment and I would not be able to spend time training up a crew for a little while. Plus even at a discount it would take a healthy bite out of my credits, when one also considers the cost of equipping it properly. I may take this opportunity though to take the ARL V39 out for its first spin.

There is one mission associated with the offer. It is called Hunter Destroyer, and each time one kills three tank destroyers in a battle you get 2k crew experience. Should be fun.

The final elements of the offer are a triple experience bonus on the first victory for each vehicle, and also a 50% discount on camouflage patterns. The last fits with the tank destroyer theme rather well. Though I will not have the funds the acquire any permanent camouflages, I will be getting some 30-day camos for the tanks I am currently playing regularly.

Overall a good, solid offer.


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