Gaming: Weekly Round-up 16/11/13

World of Warplanes

The release of World of Warplanes has seen me dip my toe into the new game. I have only played a handful of battles, and that is pretty much all I intend to do. A few battles here and there as a different change of pace. I think I am going to concentrate on the British lines to begin with. So far I have unlocked both Tier II planes, but not yet acquired them.

World of Tanks

A very large amount of gaming this last week, quite a lot of it platooned with people from the QSF community. When I am platooned my solo-player rotation pretty much goes out the window, since one bends somewhat to the needs of others. This is hardly a hardship however, as I have gotten in a lot of games on the ST-I – unlocking the top gun – and also on the KV-4 and the IS. I have also just begun to play the Ferdinand and Panther. The starting grind of the Ferdinand looks to be slow in all meanings of the word, due to the weight limitations of the stock tracks. I am considering using free xp, but I may yet resist the temptation.

In the mid-tiers I have started to play the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, and starting to research the T29 on the M6, and have spun up a crew for the KV-1S. My new main Tier IV is going to be the T40, which already has made me smile. I am also trying to play a few games in the M5 Stuart to try to get better at scout tanks with very uncertain results so far.

I have had some great matches this last week, in particular my first match with the T40 got an Ace Tanker. However, I take particular pride in two other matches where I got the Ace Tanker. The first was on my IS on Mines, where I did almost 4500 damage. The second was on the KV-4, on Malinovka Encounter, where I did 5500 damage and took 11k potential damage. These were both stonkingly good games, the sort which linger in the memory and help propel one to try harder, to make them more occur more often.

Looking forward to the week ahead I intend to take advantage of the double crew training this weekend, and the Interactive Special on the KV-13 line starting on Monday to train up the crew of the KV-1S, and to train a new crew on my KV-1. This latter crew I hope to get through their first crew skill and be working on their second by the time I eventually unlock and acquire the IS-4.

  1. Bernard said:

    Good thing I dropped by: updating wowp as we speak so I can fly about tomorrow :p

  2. mrrx said:

    Now three ace tankers in one week is impressive !

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