WoT (EU): Keep Calm and Tank On Special

The special offer this weekend is all about the British, British tanks galore. I must say this does make me smile a little, for probably silly reasons. Obviously this is a bit more run of the mill that the last couple of weeks, but overall I think it is a good offer. It runs Saturday morning to Tuesday morning as per usual.

As I said this offer is all about the British, and all the tanks involved in the offer are British. There is a 50% discount on all British tanks Tiers III-V, and a 30% earnings bonus on all British tanks Tiers V-VII. Finally the British premiums are all sale. The Tier III and V premiums are at a 50% discount, and the Tier VI and VII tanks are available at a 30% discount.

I will not be taking advantage of the discount for regular tanks – I would have done but I have already purchased the Churchill I last weekend (albeit at a lower discount). I would like to be able to get one of the premiums, but given the time of year it might just not be feasible at the moment.

For everyone else there is a 50% discount on inscriptions and emblems, and also double crew experience for each battle.

Finally there is a mission – the aptly titled “Jolly Good Time”. This will reward the highest damage dealer of each team with a 30% credit bonus and a 20% experience bonus.

So, not a vast offer, but certainly one with various options for those wishing to enjoy British tanking.


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