WoT: New shop

Last week Wargaming announced the immediate launch and revamp of the gift shop. In part I am sure this is in preparation for the very imminent launch of Warplanes, but it includes a number of changes of which I am very much in favour.

To begin with there are more options available for buying gold. Previously you had to get 1500, 2500, 5500, 14500, and 30000. The smallest option cost just under £6, then just  under £9 and £17 respectively, and then increasing to a whopping £40+ and £80+. The simple point here is that £6 is really not that much of a micro-transaction, and the brackets do not offer much flexibility with a massive jump between the third and fourth options.

In the reworked shop the options are 500, 1000, 2500, 5500, 7500, 10000, 14500, and 30000 – plenty more variety plus options for those with very tight wallets (the first two cost £1.88 and £3.76 currently) who may want to just acquire a couple of garage slots, or some permanent camo. Of course, the low amounts have a worse gold/pence ratio than the higher tiers, but I see this as Wargaming seeking to appeal to a broader market base and as a win for those want to acquire some gold, but for whom £6 is a more significant commitment.

On the other side there are now more options for premium accounts – and the option of buying all of them directly from the gift shop. I imagine the one day premium option will be a good money-spinner. It costs 97p. This is a terrible ratio compared to say a three-month account option, but for someone like my brother who plays at most twice a month (and often far less) this is perfect.

The other major change is that all the tanks available in-game are now also available in the gift-shop. Again, this means if you want to buy a particular tank you do not need to plunk down more gold than you actually need.

Now, Wargaming haven’t done all this out of the kindness of their hearts – they wish to get people to spend money on their game (as any good game company does). They have decided the best way to do this is to offer more options – and I agree with them. This gives a certain flexibility to their customers, and it seems only reasonable they can profit from it. All in all a good change, and I look forward to seeing how the addition of planes effects things.


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