Gaming: Weekly Roundup 9/11/13

Only did World of Tanks this week, in part because there were two days when I did no gaming whatsoever. It also feels like I have done more platooning this last week than all previous weeks put together. That is not actually the case, but one or way it is true I have platooned a lot. On Monday I played with a friend, and on Thursday with my brother – and then most other days I have platooned at least part of the time with folks from my clan and the wider QSF community. It has been good fun.

I have gotten a goodly number of games in on my ST-I, and have the top gun half-way researched. I can see why everyone likes the turret – I have had some very successful games bouncing Tier X shells and either stopping an enemy advance or leading an advance by my own team. It is far from invincible, but neither is it helpless. I am half-way to researching the top gun, and have my 1st class badge.

On the IS I have now unlocked the turret, which allowed me to use the top gun for that tank (already researched from the KV-line). I have so far struggled somewhat with the IS, doing subpar damage and often dying too easily. I have had one day with the upgraded weaponry, and I am hoping that will improve matters.

The tank I have had worst luck with, however, is the T-25 – the German premium Tier V medium. I have been using it to help train the crew that is in the VK2001D so that when it moves onto the VK3001D they get retrained to 90%. I continue to be underwhelmed by the VK2001D, and to have uneven success in it.

With my brother I took out two of my low-tier premiums for the first time – the Pz S35 737f and the T-127. The Pz S35 struggles in the Tier V matches we kept getting, but on the whole I found it enjoyable. It is a tough tank to play, I think, because of the relative weakness of the gun. However, I did find it rather more agile than I was expecting, and that added mobility really helped make it a more enjoyable tank to play. The T-127 was a lot of fun in a more conventional way. I can see myself “arranging” more games in it.

I have also taken out the Dicker Max for the first time last night – successfully I might add. I have also managed to get the Ace Tanker in the SU-100Y.

As for the upcoming week, it is time to switch to a different Tier IV. I have not yet decided, but it is going to be one of the Tier IVs I already have in my garage and already crewed. From memory that means it might be the Covenanter, Alecto, T40, M5 Stuart, or AMX 40. Meanwhile I am rather hoping that next weekend’s special offer includes a crew training discount – I have quite a few tanks without crews that I am generally waiting on the offer before moving them on. I have also decided that will be the point where I sell the Marder II, though I have now stopped playing it.

  1. Bernard said:

    Lewis, I forgot to mention this just then: are you aware that there’s a multiplayer mod for KSP?

  2. mrrx said:

    So many different tanks. I enjoy playing a lot of different ones too. I wonder how long until the ST-I is part of an on track event, or did I miss one ?

    • stnylan said:

      I don’t think it has yet been part of a “Top of the Tree” event on the EU server. I must admit I don’t know about the NA server

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