WoT (EU): Veterans’ Day Special

So this weekend we are treated to the fun of the special offer lasting an extra day, from today until Tuesday morning, to mark “Veterans’ Day”. The quote marks are, of course, because I think this is somewhat lazy titling on the part of Wargaming EU, given Veterans’ Day is an American naming. On this side of the Atlantic Remembrance Day or Armistice Day would be more accurate – but given the various nationalities perhaps just labelling it the November 11th Special would have been better. Minor linguistic gripes aside however this is a good offer.

To begin with there is a triple experience bonus for the first victory in each vehicle each day. What makes this particularly interesting is that it should make getting the “Earn your Stripes” mission (50k experience for one day of premium) somewhat easier to achieve.

Then there is double credit income in Tier III and IV regular tanks, a 30% discount on all regular Tier V and VI vehicles, double crew experience bonus on Tier VII and VIII vehicles, and triple crew experience bonus on Tier IX and X vehicles. The discount is very interesting for me – I have a number of tanks in those tiers I am interesting to get: the T49, Churchill I, S-35 CA, and KV-1S. Also I will certainly take advantage of the credit bonus in my Hetzer if nothing else.

There are two premium item related offers – premium ammo available at a 30% discount and a 15% discount on the Tier VIII premiums. The last is a relatively rare sight, so if one wishes a Tier VIII premium and has the necessary spare cash I would leap at the chance. Unfortunately I will not be able to take advantage of this bonus this time around.

Finally there is a mission for the weekend called Three’s Company, which means that the top three damage dealers of each team get a 30% credit boost.

All in all this looks a very solid offer, and I will be trying to earn the necessary credits to acquire all four tanks I listed – which thanks to the Tanking 24/7 mission I may be able to achieve (250k reward for killing 24 tanks and surviving 7 battles).



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