Gaming: Weekly Round-up 2/11/2013

Mostly just done World of Tanks again this week. With a major new system being rolled out at work this week I really didn’t have the energy for much more than tanks. Tanks, at the end of the day, is both casual and easy to drop in and out of. Makes it a very good game for these circumstances.

World of Tanks

Last Saturday I played the most matches I have done in World of Tanks for a very long time. My record overall for the week is pretty flat, but I feel like I have managed to do quite a lot. The crew of the Panzer IV that I purchased last week has now reached 100%. During the special itself I got the crew up to 96-97%, and I had them up to 100% by Thursday. All in all it took under thirty games to get from 75% to 100%, which was quite instructive to see just like that. Yes it involved double experience, and also having games in the T-25, but it did show actually it was not that great a task. It just requires a little application.

I have also managed to finally get my 1st Class medal with my Hummel, and my Ace Tanker medal with the Panzer I Ausf. C. I feel I was a bit lucky with the latter – the average to get the medal much have dropped a little.

Meanwhile I have the Matilda elited, though I have a terrible record with it despite actually managing some great games, even in defeat. Definitely want to continue playing it for the time being. I have now also started to play the VK2001D. I do also need, probably after this special offer, try and rework my planned rotation now to take account of the fact I will no longer be playing the Marder II and my joining QSF-X.

As to what is upcoming this week, well later today I am going to be buying the ST-I, and then I will have to work out which Soviet Tank crews I am putting where.

Kerbal Space Program

RIP Chad Kerman, victim of an over-enthusiastic EVA using his jetpacks on the surface of Minmus. I really had no idea he was going that fast when he rammed into the side of the cliff.

All of which I must admit rather threw me and I haven’t really done much since. This is my first Kerbal fatality. Essentially I should just bring Vulcan-2 home. I suppose what this does mean, however, is that I have an interesting task ahead of me one day. There is a lander on the surface of Minmus, with plenty of fuel. Easily enough to get back into orbit. I should probably take this opportunity to design a craft that has a two-person lander I can try and land in the vicinity. One person hops over to the old lander whilst the other re-orbits. That person than re-orbits the lander, and they both dock up with the orbiting spacecraft and are brought back to Kerbin.

Or alternatively I could leave it there. 🙂



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