WoT: November 2013 Report


This update covers two months, September and October. Unlike the last time I did a two-month update, where I had played less games in two months than I did in some single months over September and October I had actually gotten quite a bit of tanking done. Indeed, while September was a bit anaemic on the total number of games played it has been something of a bumper October.

My main achievements for this double-month have been eliting, and getting Ace Tanker awards, for both Tigers; and for finish playing through Tier III non-SPGs. I have also managed to do some quite significant crew training, and otherwise generally positioning myself well for my objectives moving forward.

There are two very big pieces of news from the end of the month that rather dominate. One is that with the 8.9 update I will be saying farewell to my Marder II. Secondly is that I have joined a clan – QSF-X – one of the Clans formed by the community of WoT players from those of us who follow Quickybaby’s exploits on stream and youtube. I have only been in the clan a handful of days, though all the various clans co-operate together, and met some good welcoming people. My schedule hasn’t really allowed any platoons or teamplay as yet within the Clan, I am hoping for that to change this weekend.

Joining the Clan however has slightly re-ordered my priorities. Well, not entirely. The ST-I is still in my immediate future – indeed I am hoping to be acquiring it this weekend. However I am also going to start grinding the IS to get the IS-3, which I know is a vehicle much favoured in teamplay. Still intending to go through the Tier IVs one at a time.

Garage Trip

Type 2597 Chi-Ha (Tier III Light Chinese) – elited. A fun enough tank, but with no long term appeal for me. Will be selling whenever the M5A1 is next on offer.

AMX 40 (Tier IV Light French) – unplayed. Not looking forward to Tier VI matches with it.

D2 (Tier III Medium French) – elited. A very frustrating tank to play.

B1 (Tier IV Heavy French) – unplayed.

ARL V39 (Tier VI TD French) – unplayed.

Leichttraktor (Tier I Light German) elited. Not played in September/October.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. Not played in September/October.

Panzer I Ausf. C (Tier II Light German) – elited. I am finding this tank very difficult to master, but I am determined to! Will be keeping it for a while at least.

T-15 (Tier III Light German) – premium. Nor played in September/October.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier V Light German) – elited. Not played in September/October

Pz S35 739f (Tier III Medium German) – premium. Not yet played.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. Struggled a bit, and decided to switch to the 50mm for a change. It is taking some getting used to.

VK2001D (Tier IV Medium German) – unplayed.

Panzer IV (Tier V Medium German) – elited. Re-acquired and played intensively during the recent special. Enjoying the 75mm rather than the derp, and have successfully gotten the crew to 100%.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Played a few games to help with the training of the Panzer IV crew. Very good fun.

VK3002M (Tier VI Medium German) – elited. The free replacement to the VK3001H. While I do enjoy this tank, the fact I still have only managed the II Class Mastery badge shows I have far from mastered it. Am going to keep playing it to see if I can crack it.

Panzer V Panther (Tier VII Medium German) – unplayed.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Had a few games to aid crew-training, but nothing very much.

VK3001H (Tier V Heavy German) – elited. Oh what a strange fate for what we my favourite medium. I have to say though there is a lot of fun to be had with a Konisch at Tier V. To be sure the rate of fire is quite slow, but it provides some nasty shocks to those not expecting it.

Panzer VI Tiger (Tier VII Heavy German) – elited.  I had had some rotten luck with the Tiger the last two months. Two months ago I had a winning record, but I have had several huge losing streaks on this tank which now puts my win rate in the dumps. I feel my quality of play in the tank has actually improved, so I am putting this down mostly to just bad luck … however irritating that simple explanation is. Will most likely keep hold of the tank however.

Tiger P (Tier VII Heavy German) – elited. Not played all that much since eliting. I managed to better with this tank towards the end, but I am not convinced I want to keep it around. It may end up being a tank I sell on and then buy back at a later date. I will keep it around just for the moment, however, in case I change my mind.

VK4502P Ausf. A (Tier VIII Heavy German) – unplayed.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. I am undecided whether I will see on the Marder II, or leave it in my garage as a kind of digital memorial.

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Made for the 105mm derp.

Stug III (Tier V TD German) – elited. Also re-acquired, but only played a handful of games on it so far. Going with the 75mm and had a little success. Needs more practice.

Dicker Max (Tier VI TD German) – premium. I honestly did not expect to be able to get this on the special offer, but then my wife surprised me. I have yet to play it, but I am very much looking forward to when I do.

Ferdinand (Tier VIII TD German) – unplayed.

GPz MkVIe (Tier II SPG German) – elited. With a 75% crew this thing is bad enough. I hate to think what it would be like with a 50% crew. Probably enough to put one off SPGs for life.

Hummel (Tier VI SPG German) – elited. My SPG mainstay that I am using to try and get a feel for SPGs again.

Cruiser Mk III (Tier II Light UK) – elited. Just a couple of games. Out of practice.

Covenanter (Tier IV Light UK) – unplayed.

Matilda (Tier IV Medium UK) – fully upgraded. I have had some real fun on this so far, though also some bad luck in terms of matches. Can soak up a fair bit of damage, but also can dish it out too. The alpha is almost pitiful, but it is very hard to argue with 121mm of average penetration at Tier IV with regular ammo – being fired at more than 30 rounds/minute with a Rammer.

Alecto (Tier IV TD UK) – unplayed.

T1E6 (Tier II Light USA) – premium. Still not played.

M5 Stuart (Tier IV Light USA) – fully upgraded. Not played in September and October.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – elited. Not played in September and October.

Ram-II (Tier V Medium USA) – premium. Been more serious about training the crew for the M4A3E2, and the crew is now at 91%.

M6 (Tier VI Heavy USA) – fully upgraded. Not played in September and October.

T40 (Tier IV TD USA) – unplayed.

M8A1 (Tier IV TD USA) – elited. The speed can get one into trouble, but it does not have the agility to get out of trouble very effectively. Nevertheless it can certainly pound the enemy, and it great at taking advantage of those locations where one can fire in many directions.

M3 Light (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Not yet played.

T-127 (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Not yet played.

LTP (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. The Anniversary present. Not yet played.

T-70 (Tier III Light USSR) – elited. Not played in October and September.

Valentine II (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. Not played in September and October.

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – fully upgraded. It had been elited, but then a new branch got added. Not played since.

Matilda IV (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Not played in September and October.

T-34-85 (Tier VI Medium USSR) – unplayed.

Churchill III (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. Not played in September and October.

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. Decided will definitely keep.

T-150 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – unplayed.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Boom-tank.

IS (Tier VII Heavy USSR) – unplayed.

KV-4 (Tier VIII Heavy USSR) – elited. Had a handful of games. I have been trying the upgraded turret, which I avoided for a long time because of the large weakspot on the of the turret. Realised a couple of hidden benefits thanks to one of Quickybaby’s videos (can’t find it now though) so giving it a go.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. I would love to be a better rammer than I am.

SU-85B (Tier IV TD USSR) – elited. Will be selling shortly now the crew is at 100%.

SU-85 (Tier V TD USSR) – elited. Decided to keep this one.

SU-100 (Tier VI TD USSR) – unplayed.

SU-100Y (Tier VI TD USSR) – premium. Acquired at a 50% discount. Had a few games. Is taking some getting used to, but wow, I like that gun.

SU-26 (Tier III SPG USSR) – researching. Not played in October and September.

Bought this month: VK4502P Ausf. A, SU-100Y, Stug III, Matilda, B1, Dicker Max

Sold this month: Medium Mk III

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 6211 (+508)
Victories – 3475 55.95% (+283 -0.02%)
Defeats – 2676 43.08% (+224 +0.09%) 224
Draws – 60 0.97% (+1 -0.05%)
Survived – 1845 1700 29.71% (+145 -0.1%)

Destroyed – 7682 (+704)
Detected – 7470 (new)
Hit Ratio – 68.47%
Damage – 3,776,371 (+349,951)
Damage Received – 2,993,660 (new)
Total Experience – 3,337,979 (+325,876)

New Efficiency – 1191 (+4)
WN6 Rating – 1318 (+15)
WN7 Rating – 1353 (+13)
Average Tier – 4.62 (-0.01)
Average Kills/Battle – 1.24 (+0.02)
Average Damage/Battle – 608 (+7)
Average Kills/Death – 1.76 (+0.02)
Damage ratio – 1.29 (new)
Spotted/Battle – 1.2 (new)


Bilotte’s Medal – 1
De Langlade’s Medal – 2
Halonen’s Medal – 8 (+1)
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2
Pascucci’s Medal – 4
Radley-Walter’s Medal – 2

Brothers in Arms – 1
Defender – 18 (+1)
Patrol Duty – 14 (+1)
Invader – 2 (+1)
Scout – 18 (+2)
Sniper – 272 (+30)
Steel Wall – 100 (+11)
Confederate – 39 (+6)
Top Gun – 119 (+15)

Master Gunner – 81 (+54)
Hunter – 2
Reaper – 7
Kamikaze – 7 (+1)
The Lion of Sinai – 1
Sharpshooter – 478 (+439)
Cool-Headed – 21 (+7)
Lucky – 3 (+1)
Spartan – 17 (+2)

Abram’s II Class 3291 to go (-139)
Carius’ II Class 2318 to go (-704)
Ekins II Class 2593 to go (-37)
Kay’s II Class 418 to go (-67)
Knispel’s II Class 3,289,969 to go (-612,308)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 23,017 to go (-617)
Leclerc’s II Class 21,420 to go (-335)
Popel’s II Class 12,530 to go (-753)

Top 10 Tanks Overall:
Marder II – 1268 (61,12%)
KV-5 – 385 (56,36%)
KV-1 – 382 (53,93%)
KV-4 – 223 (52,02%)
Panzer IV – 188 (63,83%)
Hetzer – 181 (56,35%)
Jagdpanther – 161 (55,9%)
KV-3 – 151 (56,29%)
Hummel – 145 (50,34%)
M4 Sherman – 139 (56,12%)

Top 10 Tanks in September/October:
Marder II – 67
KV-5 – 34
Panzer I Ausf. C – 33
Matilda – 32
VK3001H – 29
Panzer IV – 28
Panzer VI Tiger – 25
M8A1 – 23
Tiger P – 21
KV-1 – 20

Total Number of Tanks played in September/October: 28


I have stopped tracking Old Efficiency, due to its increased age and because I can only find one site that seems to track it now. I have also gotten rid of the Top 10 tanks in the garage, since with recent re-purchase it is currently almost identical to the actual Top 10 tanks in garage. For the Top 10 I have replaced the win-loss record with the win percentage since that is now what World of Tanks itself displays. I have also decided to try to start tracking detected information, as that is now also easily displayed.

Looking at the ratings it appears by recent stalling in Efficiency and slow-down in the WN* was only temporary. I continue with incremental improvements, no doubt linked to the fact that my average tier actually dropped slightly over the course of these two months. That is a side effect from finishing off the Tier III non-SPGs. The massive increase in the Sharpshooter and Master Gunner record is also a side-effect of this, or particularly the Panzer I Ausf. C, which by its very nature inflates these two numbers.

In particular I am please to see that my kills/match and kills/death have increased. I have also entered information on destruction ratio, since that is now also displayed in the main statistics, and I think it will be interesting to track. The glaring weakness is once again my survival rate, which has once again seen a modest decline.

My overall win rate is just about stable. Indeed it would have been exactly stable or a very slight increase if this report was from a couple of days ago, but I had a poor day yesterday causing the current blip.

Overall I am interesting to see if being a member of Clan will improve my gamplay (which is what I hope) and whether my not playing the Marder II will be noticeable in my stats. Given how dominant I was in the old Marder II I think it quite likely by kills ratios may suffer slightly.

A new rating system – WN8 – is being trialled at the moment, but I have not yet added that in as it is not yet complete and it is being tweaked, so any changes would not be due to changes in my performance but because of design decisions as well.


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