WoT (EU): Second Battle of El Alamein Special

This weekend’s special is a celebration of Montgommery’s great victory, and it is a blinder for us on the EU server – a worthy celebration of this very pivotal moment in the war.

Once again the tanks are tied to those historically involved – though via Lend Lease Americans get into the act. Still it means no Russians, French, or Chinese involvement for the second week running. I cannot help but think they will right this balance soon. The tanks that are involved are available at a 50% discount and will benefit from an 80% credit earnings bonus. They are the Crusader, M4 Sherman, M3 Stuart, M3 Lee, M7 Priest, Panzer IV, and Panzer III. The premium Valentine II is also available at a 50% discount.

There are some great tanks involved here. Having just spent most of last week playing the Panzer IV I might switch loyalty this week a bit to the M4, or I may just try a few games on the those two plus the Panzer III just for fun.

There is also a 50% discount on garage slots and a 50% discount on equipment, both of which I am very much looking forward to. In particular this makes it a great time to get the ST-I, though I will also try to outfit some other recent acquisitions too, and maybe if I end up with extra credits get some equipment ready for later use.

The other reason this offer is a great time to get the ST-I is that all Tier IX and X tanks will get triple skill experience, and all Tier VII and VIII tanks will get double crew experience. Crew skill grinding for the win, and since I will be retraining a crew into my ST-I will it be a great opportunity to get it back up to 100% after the retrain in short order.

There will also be a x5 experience bonus for the first victory of each vehicle. I will try and get some other battles in to benefit, but probably this will only be of limited use.

Finally there are two missions this special. The first gives one a 50k credit reward for earning a Brothers in Arms medal. The second is a Demolition Derby, and involves destroying 100 vehicles in a heavy tank, 100 vehicles in a medium tank, or 50 vehicles in a light tank. All tanks must be Tier IV or above, and each success earns 250k, but each variant can only be attained once per account.

Overall this is a great offer – A. It runs the standard Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.


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