WoT: Farewell Marder II

So the 8.9 update is launched, much as expected. Of particular and immediate note for me, of course, was getting into the “rebalanced” Marder II, and alas it is no longer the vehicle I loved.

Through all the other nerfs that have hit the Marder II three things remained the same: its penetration, its damage, and its gun arc. Many other things got worse: accuracy, dispersion on the move and after firing, and reload timer, but none of them seemed to change the essential character of the vehicle. Perhaps it fired a little slower, or a little less surely, but it could still park in a bush and command a battlefield thanks to its wide arc of fire and the ability to penetrate anything it would face.

No more. In 8.9 however each of these three features had a hatchet taken to them.

I will be selling it on, and I think moving the crew up into the new German TD line that has arrived with 8.9. Except, of course, I am not selling the tank that first got me hooked on World of Tanks, I am ridding myself of an imposter.

I did, on Tuesday night, have one last great battle, a swansong before she was consigned to history. I won’t recount it at length, but in a Tier V match I did 1600 damage, 5 kills, 1132 base experience, and earned a Halonen. A good way to say goodbye to an old companion.

  1. Foowashere said:

    Are you sure it’s a nerf? Or are you just “done” with it? A lot of the soft(-er) stats appear buffed, which is not to be underestimated IMO. But opinions varies of course.
    Summary (not mine) of changes
    -10mm less penetration (118 -> 108)
    -15 less damage (125 -> 110)
    -slightly better ROF (12 -> 12.5)
    -Faster aim time (2.9s -> 2.5s)
    -Better accuracy (0.43 -> 0.4)
    -Less DPM (1500 -> 1375)

    Aim-time, RoF and accuracy are very important comfortability stats to me.

    -Top engine removed (20hp less horsepower) but terrain resistance reduced and traverse increased in return
    -Possibly better agility
    -Better radio range (310m -> 550m). Important buff IMO.

    • stnylan said:

      I didn’t have a lot of time last night, so I could have gone into more detail about this to be sure.
      The gun arc being dropped by around half means one has to physically move the vehicle a lot more, which means still a fairly large dispersion It also breaks camo making it more vulnerable, and loses the effect of Binoculars making it less effective, more often.
      The drop in damage seems relatively minor, but it has one rather important effect – it can no longer reliably one-shot Tier II TDs, in particular the T18. The T18 is one of the great enemies of the Marder II – its derp is almost certain death if it hits. The T18 has 125hp, so on the old version you had quite a good chance of taking him out in one go – maybe 50% of the time or so. While not an impossibility with the new situation, it is going to be now just a lucky chance. The same situation plays out with some other vehicles.

      The loss of penetration against most Tier III/IV opponents is negligible. However one of the great things about the old Marder II is that even an angled KV-1 had something to fear. You would sometimes bounce, most more often than not you should manage a penetration with a bit of aiming. Again, that loss in penetration degrades that performance quite significantly.

      There was also a drop in view range, which I think is more important that radio range generally at this level since engagement ranges in the lower-tier battles tend to be shorter. In Province or Malinovka in the right place a Marder II can dominate most of the battlfield using its own view range alone (with binocs). With my skills that effect is even more pronounced.

      The increase in aiming time is nice enough, but the increase in rate of fire does not make up for the reducation in alpha or dpm. Also the accuracy buff, although real, is less important now that accuracy rules have been reworked a couple of patches back. Again, I do not think it makes up.

      All my opinion of course, but after 1250+ games in this vehicle with this “rebalance” I am, as you say, done with it 🙂

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