Gaming: Weekly Roundup 26/10/13

The week away in Cornwall was very nice, and I have managed to for a fair bit of tanking this last week, and I have also managed to get some things done in Kerbal Space Program. Unfortunately both the teams I was rooting for in the LCS lost – typical. Looking forward I am hoping to be able to do some restart tanking both with a friend of mine, and I have also a tentative arrangement with my brother too.

World of Tanks

Very shortly after writing the last weekly round-up post, I finally got my Ace Tanker medal in my Panzer VI Tiger. The battle itself was a defeat, but as I got a Sniper medal I benefited from the new “Courageous Resistance” rules, and still got the +50% experience and credit bonus, and netted the award.

Since I have gotten back from holiday however I have had the distinct impression of wrestling World of Tanks to an all-score draw. My daily win-loss totals are 9-9, 6-7, 11-10, 6-1, 4-4, 7-6, and 8-6. Take out the 6-1 day and I have a 46-42 record, which accounts for it. Not really having much success in boosting my survival.

There is no doubt that most of my losses are attributable to just one vehicle – the Hummel, where I have gone 3-9 over the course of the week. Part of that I think is just bad luck, but no doubt part of it is having to adjust to playing artillery again, and finding the good and bad spots to position myself, and figuring out the best way to operate with the new arty aiming rules.

Otherwise I have now elited the M8A1, which I have had a great time playing. I have also been taking the KV-5 out regularly to boost my credit earnings as I am working to get the ST-I. I did have 3.6 million credits in the bank, but with buying the Panzer IV and getting both that and the Matilda ready for action this weekend I am once more below three million. My other main “job” this week has been training the crew of the SU-85B. I have it now nearly at 100%, and after I do I will overtrain a bit before retraining into the SU-100.

In the coming week I still intend to play on the Hummel and Panzer I Ausf. C to continue to try and improve on both those vehicles. I am also going to continue playing the VK3001H and VK3002M, though I think this will be the last week of regular play for them as I slowly get into the saddle of my intended tanking. I have chosen, however, to keep both vehicles – at least for the time being. When 8.9 hits I will probably also play a few extra games on my Marder II to try to work out whether or not I will stick with it has this latest “rebalance”.

Kerbal Space Program

On my new game in the new career mode I have mucked about enough to research the first few technologies, and in terms of actual achievement I have managed a couple of suborbital flights. I will not be spending overly much time here, however, as I want to wait until the economy is implemented before committing to a career mode game.

In my sandbox game I have a new success – a Chad Kerman has walked on Minmus! Though given the low gravity of Kerbin’s second moon perhaps that should be glided on Minmus. A much easier landing than my landing on the Mun. Either I am getting better at it, or I was just lucky. I would like to think the former, but somehow I suspect the latter. I have given myself a slightly trickier job of re-docking the lander to the orbiting spacecraft – because the orbiting craft is in a polar orbit. It should be alright though.

The one weakness of the sandbox mode is that science just does not really do anything – it is essentially locked down so makes it tricky to test. I am otherwise undecided about my test task in the sandbox game – to try and manage an interplanetary probe, build a small space station in Kerbin orbit, or try to get a rover of some sort on the Mun or Minmus.


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