WoT (EU): Operation Lightfoot Special

The special offer this weekend is a homage to the start of the Second Battle of El Alamein. It feels like it has been a while since the last strict-historical themed offer, and this one is limited as they often are. This does make the offer a little light.

Firstly there is a 50% discount and 50% earnings bonus on the Panzer IV, Panzer III, Matilda, and Crusader. I already own two of these tanks, and just yesterday I was talking about re-acquiring the Panzer IV so this appears to be a good time to get it. The Matilda is still uncrewed, and I must admit I am unsure whether I will transfer the crew to it this weekend. However I think I will make good use of the offer with the other two.

One reason to do so is that there is also double crew experience this weekend, which will help the Panzer IV crew climb out of the 75% doldrums fairly swiftly with a bit of luck.

There is one mission this special. Called “Sand Beneath my Treads” it gives a 20% experience bonus for each victory on a desert map. Given there are only 3 desert maps it would be quite possible playing the entire special and not come across one, but hopefully no one who plays even a moderate number of games will be that unlucky.

Finally the two long-term premium account options – 180 days and 160 days – are available for a 10% discount. For what is worth I cannot ever recall seeing them on for a larger discount.

And that is that. A modest offer, though one I intend to personally benefit from. Given its limited nature I would rate it a B-, and that just because of the premium discount.


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